Data Visualisation, Distribution & Analysis Assessment -

Assignment Detail:- STAT6200 Biostatistics - Laureate International Universities Assessment - Data Visualisation, Distribution & Analysis Learning Outcome 1: Critically apply the theories on key concepts in descriptive and inferential statistics Learning Outcome 2: Assess the data and determine the appropriate parametric and non-parametric statistical tests, and how to control for confounding variables Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate types of inferential statistics and interpret the results of these analyses using theoretical examples or as presented in published literature Learning Outcome 4: Apply key concepts of statistics, including: sampling, hypothesis testing, distribution of data, validity and reliability, statistical significance and effect size Instructions: As part of your Public Health role, you have been asked to perform statistical analysis of a data set from a research project and provide the results of your analysis in abstract form- This assessment has two parts- Part 1 Demonstrate your ability to use the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences -SPSS- software to perform statistical analysis of a data set- From the datasets provided, select ONE of three data sets to download and import the Excel data set into SPSS- You can view the description of the datasets and download the relevant dataset Excel spreadsheet from the Assessment 3 folder of this subject- While recording the process using screen capture, execute the following statistical processes in SPSS using the following sequence: 1- Generate a boxplot for group A and group B to check for data outliers and remove any outliers from your subsequent analysis, if present-2- Create a frequency histogram for group A and group B to check the distribution of the data and decide which parametric or non-parametric test is appropriate to compare the two groups-3- Use the appropriate normality test to determine the distribution of groups A and B, and use the correct inferential statistical test to compare the two groups- Decide if there is a significant difference in the measure of central tendency for the two groups- Part 2 Write a 250-word abstract to report the findings of Part 1- This should include:1- Aim: one or two sentences describing the purpose of the research study; a short background to the study is included with each data set-2- Methods: describe which statistical methods were applied in SPSS3- Results: report the key summary statistics and P value using conventions required for formal reporting of statistical results4- Conclusion: briefly describe the significance of your results ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Datasets_Description-rar

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