Data Modelling and Database Design - Apply contemporary

Assignment Detail:- Data Modelling and Database Design - Modelling Report Learning Outcome 1: Examine the role of data in an organisation, and develop solutions related to the creation, storage and management of organisational data- Learning Outcome 2: Apply contemporary database modelling to identify and address anomalies in data and recommend solutions- Part Summary This assessment requires you to prepare a modelling report that demonstrates your ability to assess business requirements along with a logical design that could be implemented in a relational database management system- ContextWhen preparing to implement a new information system, it is essential that the initial design is well thought out from the outset- Modifying the database after implementation can often be an expensive process in terms of time, effort and cost- Often the first engagement step is to conduct interviews and workshops with end users and business subject matter experts to get a better understand of how the business runs- The output of these workshops becomes the foundation for the database design- Part InstructionsPlease read the attached Assessment 1_Case Study- Based on the information provided in the case study, prepare a modelling report to answer the following tasks: Part 1: An entity relationship diagram including all the significant entities, attributes and their relationships- Use Crow's foot notation- Part 2: A relational model showing all fields, primary keys, foreign keys and concatenated keys- Your relational model should be in third normal form- List any assumptions/business rules you have made- Part 3: A sample dummy input screen of scheduling an interview for one of the shortlisted candidates- You have to make sure all the data requirements are being captured- You may use any tool you like to create this sample screen- Write a brief paragraph of about 200 words discussing the following: - Does your database design allow the storage of all the required information????- What changes, if any, did you make to your initial ER diagram and relational model after you created the sample input screen???? The front-end or user interface design enables accessing the data stored in a database- Prototyping the interface also enables capturing initial system and data requirements- Attachment:- Modelling Report-rar

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