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Assignment Detail:- CSIT121 Programming Fundamentals - University of Wollongong Requirements: • You should create your programs with good programming style and form using proper blank spaces, indentation and braces to make your code easy to read and understand-• You should create identifiers with sensible names-• You should make comments to describe your code segments where they are necessary for readers to understand what your code intends to achieve-• Please add the following header in your program: ObjectivesThis assignment requires you to design and implement a Graphic User Interface -GUI- for the customers and products Order System -OS- by using Java Swing- Meanwhile, the file I/O and exception handling shall be implemented in the assignment- BackgroundYou are required to design, implement, and test an ordering system with the Graphic User Interface -GUI-- The program shall1- Load customers' data and products' data when the program starts-2- Display GUI to help a customer to make new orders-3- Handle possible exceptions during the interaction between the customer and the system-4- Save the customer orders to a text file- The UML class diagram of OS is given below- You can add new classes, methods and/or attributes in the UML class diagram but CAN NOT delete any existing classes, attributes, and methods- Your java implementation must be consistent with the UML class diagram- The format of a file products-txt contains the data like Alice Mutton,Pavlova Ltd-,Meat/Poultry,0,39-00 Aniseed Syrup,Exotic Liquids,Condiments,13,10-00Boston Crab Meat,New England Seafood Cannery,Seafood,123,18-40 Camembert Pierrot,Gai paturage,Dairy Products,19,34-00 Each row is a record of a product- The fields of a product consist of product name, supplier name, category, stock quantity, and unit price- Each field is separated by a character comma -,-- In this assignment, we can assume that the input text files are customers-txt andproducts-txt- The detailed requests are as follows: 1- Update your UML diagramYou shall update the UML class diagram by adding a new GUI class -for a new order-- You can add classes, methods, and attributes- Please make sure your implementation is consistent with your UML class diagram- 2- Design and implement a GUI-The OrderSystem class shall contain Swing components, such as JFrame, JPanel, JLabel, JTextField, JButton, JList, JTextArea, etc- With the GUI, a customer can complete the order of products- 3- Customer orderingAfter initialization, the GUI of customers and products OS will be displayed- If a customer is selected from a list, the details of the customer are displayed- The customer can start a new window when clicks a button New Order and place a new order of products-a- The new order number and order date are automatically generated-b- The order number start from 1 when there is no order in the container orders- The new order number is the size of the container orders plus 1-c- The order date is the current system date- 4- Order productsThe customer can start to order any products via the GUI- When the customer selects a new product from a list, the product's details are displayed-a- The customer can click the button Order>> to place the product in the order list- The stock quantity of the product should be decreased by 1- Display the updated product details and order details-b- If the customer selects an ordered product, then clicks the button Unorder<<, the product order quantity is decreased by 1- If the order quantity is 0, then the product is removed from the order list- Display the updated product details and order details-c- If the customer clicks the button Ok, the new order is stored in the container orders and quits the window-d- If the customer clicks the button Cancel, quit the window without saving the new order- 5- Save the order detailsWhen a customer clicks the button Save Order, all the order details are saved to a text fileorders-txt- 6- Exception handling The system shall be able to handle the exceptions during the interaction between the customer and the system- The exceptions may include invalid information when loading customers and products- Invalid data when a product is ordered- Check the sample processing in a file Assignment3_sampleProcessing-pdf and watch the demonstration video for more details- Parts Part 1: Update the UML class diagram based on the design given above- You are allowed to add new classes, more attributes, or more methods- Part 2: Implement the program according to the updated UML class diagram by using Java- The program shall • Be consistent with the UML class diagram;• Design and implement the GUI by using Java Swing- Please make sure to use JFrame, JPanel, JLabel, JTextField, JButton, JList, JTextArea, etc- in your GUI;• Follow the conventions for naming all classes, variables, and methods, and provide sufficient comments;• Be implemented by using the advanced OOP features such as inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, interface, and/or class downcasting-• Be able to initialise the customers and products OS;• Be able to help the customer to complete the ordering via the GUI;• Be able to handle possible exceptions during the ordering process;• Be able to view or modify the current order list via the GUI;• Be able to export the customer's orders to a single text file- Part 3: Compilation and test- - Please compile your program with ‘javac' and carefully test your program for all the requests-- Test your program to all cases in GUI-- Please do not define the package in your program -a special alert for students who use IDE to complete the assignment-- Attachment:- Programming Fundamentals-rar

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