Critically explain the potential challenges that you are

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Reflection: Reflection on public health principles and practice Reflection: Please reflect on your understanding of the topics covering module 5-12- You are required to write within 200 words per question- Please read the Assessment 1 brief before developing your assessment- You are required to provide at least 2-3 credible references for each topic- TopicModule 1:Is it possible for all countries of the world to achieve full vaccination -e-g for covid-19- asa population health measure????If yes, Why???? If no, why???? Module 2:Watch the video here on closing the gap strategy for indigenous Australians- Discussany 2 potential barriersto the success of this strategy- Module 3:As a professional, if you are required to work with the homeless, critically explain the potential challenges that you are likely to face in public health practice???? Module 4:Compare the acceptance of mobile phone Appsamong elderlypeople in Australia and that of your home country or any developing country- Any difference and why???? Attachment:- Reflection on public health principles-rar

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