Critically evaluate key analytical tools for marketing data

Assignment Detail:- RBP020L081 Data and Analytics for Marketers Learning Outcome 1: Understand the scope, value and nature of data and data-driven marketingLearning Outcome 2: Critically analyse the major issues in collecting, managing, storing and processing data when conducting data-driven marketing activitiesLearning Outcome 3: Critically evaluate key analytical tools for marketing data analysis to investigate their impacts on marketing decision makingLearning Outcome 4: Critically analyse how marketers develop big data analytics capabilities to improve their decision making processes and ensure business's success In this assessment, you will need to: - Provide a plan for the individual report :You should give an outline of the report -e-g headings and sections you may use, examples of relevant journal articles--- The purpose is to check you understand the assessment requirements and are making progress- You will receive feedback to use in completing the summative submission- Attachment:- Data and Analytics for Marketers-rar

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