Critically discuss how these themes play out visually in

Assignment Detail:- ENGL120 An Introduction to Literature and Film Batemans Bay / Bega / Southern Highlands / Shoalhaven / Wollongong Part A: Complete all questions- Each question is worth five marks and your response should be between 250 and 350 words in each case- A1- Discuss the significance of this passage in relation to the main narrative and thematic concerns of the text from which it comes -5 marks; 1 mark implicitly for identifying the text; 250-350 words-- A2- Examine the following stills from Memento- Contextualise the scene and its theme-s- and then critically discuss how these themes play out visually in the scene- A3- Why are the Tralfamadorians able to "read -themessages- all at once, not one after the other????" -1 mark- Compare and contrast the structure of the Tralfamadorian novels with the structure of Slaughterhouse-5, making detailed reference to the description of the novels given in the passage below- -4 marks; ; 250-350 words- A4- Who is speaking in the text panels below???? -2marks- What is the central idea that the extract deals with, and how do the formal features of the extract relate to that central idea of the text as a whole???? -3 marks; 250-350 words- A5- How does the trope of the boots function in The Drover's Wife???? How are they used to convey both literal and symbolic information???? -5 marks; 250-350 words- Part B: ONE answer worth fifteen marks- Write an essay of 650-800 words in response to ONE of the following questions- In all cases at least one of the texts you discuss must be chosen from the second half of the course, ie Memento, Slaughterhouse-5, or Fun Home- In all cases your answer must include close references to specific details or aspects of the texts you discuss, but does not need to include direct quotation- B1- Discuss the use of metafiction -or metamemoir or metatheatre or cinematic metatextuality- in one or two of the texts we have studied in this subject- Your essay should have a thesis statement making a ‘bold, provable claim' -Sword- about where, why and how metaliterary elements appear in the text/s, and how the use of metafiction relates to the broader themes, ideas, or aesthetic concerns of the text/s- OR B2- Compare and contrast the narrative structures of two of the texts we have studied in this subject- Your essay should include some discussion of the reasons why these texts have structured their narratives differently, and/or some discussion of the different effects created by these different structures- OR B3- Compare and contrast two texts we have studied in this subject in relation to one of the following: -a- their treatment of reading -including the interpretation of visual artworks or texts--b- their treatment of gender-c- their treatment of trauma Your essay should have a thesis statement making a ‘bold, provable claim' -Sword- about the similarities and/or differences between the ways the two texts treat the topic you have chosen- Attachment:- Literature and Film Batemans-rar

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