Critically discuss barriers and facilitators to

Assignment Detail:- Aim of assessment The aims of the assessment are for students to: - Critically discuss barriers and facilitators to implementing evidence based practice in the clinical area;- Conduct a comprehensive literature search on a clinical research question- Details PART A: Essay 1,800 words With reference to your own clinical setting or a chosen one in no more than 1800 words identify the challenges and barriers and describe strategies for implementing an evidence-based approach to clinical setting- Incorporate literature into your discussion- Essential readings in the Learn Modules are useful to get you started- However, it is expected that you will conduct your own search for additional reading material- Marking criteria for the assignment are listed on the later part of this Learning Guide- PART B: Identification of evidence 200 words- Please ensure that you have completed the Search strategy activity in Module 2 prior to completing this part- This part involves formatting a clinical research question -Step 1 & 2- and conduct a comprehensive liter- ature search -Step 3 - 5--Clinical research question and PICO identification 1- Write a clinical research question then complete the PICO table -Table 1- with type of patients or problem, intervention, comparison intervention and outcome- The clinical research question should be extended from the discussion in part A- 2- Identify keywords and search terms to describe the problem, intervention, comparison intervention and outcome and write them in the table to assist you with your literature search- Attachment:- Literature Review-rar

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