Critically assess the key issues that may have in the past

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part 1: Project Written Report Case Analysis Instructions: For your case project, you are to submit a case study analysis for the case study "A farmer's quest for a new passion: To grow 'All Natural' Foods by Aquaponics" by Cheung, which is provided on the Moodle site -this is **Case Study 2-- Follow the instructions below and also how to structure your case report response- ie- please refer to "Case Study Analysis and Reporting Structure" document on Moodie- Your specific task is to critically assess the key issues that may have in the past -reported in the case- that may impact on the success of this organisation into the future- Issues that may or may not be relevant to the organisation's future success could be their strategy, structure, environmental issues, and/or organisational issues such as people, procedures and processes- You do not need to include step 8 -implementation- in this assignment -crossed out in the instructions-- Note that in the instructions, you are only required to identify two to three significant problems to "take through" the process- Also note the different weightings in the marking guide- Attachment:- Case Study Analysis and Reporting Structure-rar    

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