Critically analyze current academic papers then present

Assignment Detail:- Database Systems This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor- This assessment is designed to improve student research and writing skills and to give students experience in researching the literature on a specific topic relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter- Students will be expected to complete a literature review to discuss a contemporary Database storage, access, design or Information design issue which an IS professional may experience- Students will critically analyze current academic papers then present their work in a detailed literature review and analysis- Instructions This assessment will be completed individually- All students must have a different topic- Students can choose to write about the same technology, but the approach and the thrust of each paper must be different- To ensure this uniqueness, each student must decide on a topic and email their topic and title to their tutor within the first 2 weeks- Your tutor will respond with an approval or with a message that you will either need to choose a different topic or to change the thrust of your paper- You tutor may decide to do this for you- Once it has been approved you should begin by working towards the first deliverable- Harvard referencing Some papers are behind firewalls, eg- "Blockchain, cybersecurity and industry 4-0", "A Storage Reduced Blockchain Protocol"; There is no within-text referencing - every reference in the end list needs to appear at least once within the text Initial paragraphs -2- Could break up second paragraph into further paragraphs as it is a bit long Sections - 4 -5 required- Word count - 1189 Text is reasonable, but referencing needs work- Paper would benefit from more referenced specifics- Ethereum is not a category of blockchain, but a particular example of a blockchain -another is Polygon-- Smart contracts can be deployed on Ethereum -and other blockchains-- Section talking about "different functions that are called outside the chain" doesn't make sense - are you talking about oracles here???? Attachment:- Database Systems-rar

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