Critically analyse the role that best practices play in

Assignment Detail:- MGT610 Organisational Best Practice Case Study Analysis; Part A Learning Outcome 1: Apply and justify appropriate metrics to identify and resolve business problemsLearning Outcome 2: Critically analyse the role that best practices play in organisational competitiveness ContextBenchmarking is the process by which organisations measure themselves against their own performance and that of their competitors- There are different types and forms of benchmarking, different purposes, different measures, and different outcomes- This assessment task requires you to demonstrate your understanding of benchmarking by undertaking a benchmarking analysis of an organisation's current strategy, and against its competitors, and/or national or international standards -depending on the form of benchmarking you choose to undertake--Following the analysis of the organisation, you should be able to identify a strategic weakness that provides an opportunity for improvement- This opportunity will form the basis for Assessment 2, in which you will recommend solutions to the strategic weakness and benchmarks for assessing your solutions-Instructions1- At the start of Semester, the Learning Facilitator will inform you of which organisation will be analysed-2- You will then find the organisation's most recent Strategic Plan, Annual Report, sets of financial reports, and/or other measures of business activity-3- From these documents, you will need to determine the CURRENT Strategy for the Organisation, and from the Strategy identify at least four -4- appropriate laggingindicator benchmarks against which this organisation can be measured - either within their market, industry; and/ or against national or international standards-4- Compare the organisation's performance against the chosen benchmarks and market trends-5- The report should identify a strategic weakness in the organisation's current performance, but you DO NOT need to recommend changes that could be made to change the enterprise in line with the weakness identified- Whilst the format may vary for your report, below is a suggested outline for you to follow: • Cover page• Executive Summary• Introductiono Overview of the organisation and their products/services-o The market within which the organisation operates including the overall size of market, a full competitive analysis and market share-o The greatest PESTEL element that is affecting the organization's current strategy either negatively or positively- DO NOT DO A FULL PESTEL ANALYSIS-• Main Discussiono What is the current strategy for the organisation????o Based on the current strategy, what areas of the organisation are being analysed????o Full diagnostic measurement and analysis of the selected lagging indicator 4 benchmarks-o What strategic weaknesses was identified????• Conclusion-• References, including a minimum of five -5- academic references• Appendices where applicable You are encouraged to use tables, charts, and images in your report- Please note that the cover page, executive summary, references, appendices, tables, charts, and images do not form part of the word count- Attachment:- Organisational Best Practice-rar

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