Critically analyse Oportos strategic management concepts,

Assignment Detail:- A Structure of a Strategic Plan for automobiles Industry Business Case - The demise of General Motors Executive SummaryThe purpose of this report is to critically analyse Oporto's strategic management concepts, identify key strategic issues, and implement a plan to address the issues identified- Unfortunately for Oporto, the fast-food industry has a high amount of competition, standardised product sales, and minimal buyer switching costs- However, findings indicate market share can be gained through product differentiation, affordable pricing, and improved customer convenience- Oporto gains success from its modern and convenient services such as online ordering, home delivery, drive-thru ordering, and app-based loyalty rewards- With the incline in consumer health consciousness and demands from digital-driven millennials, the following recommendations are provided: 1- Expand menu items to include nutritious meals, for both adults and children and actively seek involvement with government health initiatives-2- Reduce third-party technology costs by introducing an Oporto-owned online ordering platform, allowing in-app and online reviews and statistical collection-3- Market the new health menu to millennials and families online via social media Table of ContentsExecutive Summary1-0 Introduction2-0 External AuditInternal AuditSWOTValue Chain AnalysisCore Competencies and Capabilities4-0 Key Strategic Issues5-0 Strategic Plan -to address the key strategic issues/challenges/threat6-0 Action Plan7-0 Reference List Appendix A - Porter's Five Forces Framework Appendix B - Value Chain Analysis Appendix C - SWOT Analysis Appendix D - Strategic Plan Resources Need - VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS -INTERNAL AUDIT-- Attachment:- General Motors CASE STUDY-rar

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