Critically analyse each of your chosen styles by examining

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part - Analytical Essay Assessment Purpose:This assessment task is designed to help you develop leadership skills and apply these to your everyday role- As a registered nurse, you will be expected to lead and manage others effectively in a variety of situations to improve care outcomes and within your professional scope of practice- Providing leadership to others, during various clinical situations and environments, requires a sound understanding of various theoretical and practical approaches relevant to leadership- Assessment Description:In this assessment, you are required to write an 1800 word -+/- 10%- essay using literature to support your discussion- Assessment PartThere are numerous leadership styles used in nursing, all of which impact on the quality of care provided and, ultimately, patient outcomes- Five commonly used styles in nursing include: transactional leadership; transformational leadership; democratic leadership; authoritarian leadership and laissez-faire leadership- Question 1- Choose three of the above listed leadership styles- Critically analyse each of your chosen styles by examining the benefits and limitations of each- Identify clinical situation-s- where the leadership style/s may be appropriate and provide your rationale -approx- 750 words-- Question 2- Choose a nursing role model from your previous clinical placement or workplace -e-g-, a preceptor, nurse manager, associate nurse unit manager, senior registered nurse, clinical support nurse or educator-- Briefly introduce your role model by including their position and the clinical context in which you worked with them -ensure you maintain their anonymity-- Identify the leadership style or styles they use and describe their behaviours and actions that demonstrate the style-s- -approx- 250 words-- Question 3- Discuss how your role model's leadership style promotes professional practice and quality care- Include the NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice and other literature to support your discussion -approx- 500 words--

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