Critically analyse and synthesise complex information into

Assignment Detail:- HS3052 Capstone Project -Design and Implementation- Purpose: 1- Apply project planning, technical skills and methods to develop and implement an appropriate solution 2- Apply and evaluate project management skills and concepts in problem solving 3- Present the knowledge, skills and ideas acquired through results and discussion with different audience levels 4- Critically analyse and synthesise complex information into a business proposal 5- Communicate using effective oral and written communication tools to a diverse range of stakeholders 6- Demonstrate ability to be an effective, autonomous team member or team leader and to be creative and innovative 7- Review and describe the major privacy, legal, ethical and societal issues with respect to managing digital information and information systems 8- Understand the ICT profession and professional expectations in the researched topic Background: This assignment is intended to extend and explore students' ideas about requirement analysis and modelling, project management and teamwork, whilst simultaneously determining the current limits of students' knowledge, skills and understanding- Some of the topic areas, which may give you some ideas as to what you could discuss over the life of the assignment in your reflection- • Understanding, establishing and defining the problem or opportunity within the organisational context regarding information system analysis, design and development;• System Requirements -how to identify functional and non-functional requirements; why it is important-;• Importance of requirement analysis and modelling for system analysis, design and development project in an organization;• Modelling skills and techniques, such as structured, OO and Agile approaches, how to select and when should use them-• Investigating requirements, what should be considered when selecting right techniques????• Recommendations and consideration of how the organisation will be affected by any proposed system development solutions-• System development approaches; How to select a correct methodology???? Discuss a wide range of issues related to the project and teamwork, such as:• Briefly reflect upon your own experience of participating in the group until now- Did it help you???? Was it worth the effort???? How could it be made to work better for you????• What went right or wrong???? If asked to do it again, would you change anything to make the group work more enjoyable and of benefit to your study????• Briefly discuss how, if you were a member of a discussion and support group, what strategies and methods you think you could use to minimise or overcome misunderstandings that might occur within your group, as a result of language or cultural differences-• Briefly discuss how, if you were a member of a discussion and support group, what strategies and methods you think are more useful to overcome difficulties that might occur within your group because one or more of your group members is not participating in an appropriate manner, for example, insufficient work or inappropriate behaviour-• Briefly describe and discuss one topic, issue or question where you think that your knowledge and understanding was clarified, expanded or improved by contributions from other members of your group-• Briefly describe and discuss one topic, issue or question where you think you made a significant contribution to the knowledge and understanding of other members of your group- ExpectationYour assessor expects that you will seek guidance on any uncertainties you may have in completing this assessment to the best of your ability- It is expected that you embrace the opportunity to develop a new skill and explore a creative way of representing your experience in studying this unit and working with group members- It is also expected that all work submitted has already been edited for spelling, grammar, clarity and conciseness- Attachment:- Capstone Project-rar

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