Critically analyse a range of software development

Assignment Detail:- DWIN309 Developing Web Information Systems - Kent Institute Australia Part - Formative Assessment Learning Outcome 1: Develop a web-based information system using basic technologies such as mark-up languages, stylesheets, JavaScript, PHP, and databases- Learning Outcome 2: Produce relevant design, implementation and test documentation, including risk, service and change management plans- Learning Outcome 3: Critically analyse a range of software development methodologies, compare their strengths and weaknesses and have an in-depth understanding of the design process, platforms and tools for developing a web information system- Learning Outcome 4: Work effectively as part of a team in the production of a web information system and related documentation and reports- ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION:In this project, you will design and implement a database-driven web application for a fictional website that sells a reproductions of famous art classic- You will work in groups of two/three for this assessment- Your web site requires the ‘art' database and the ‘images' file as its web resources- REQUIREMENTS The following requirements are needed for this assignment:• You must make use of the Bootstrap CSS Framework version 5 to style and layout your pages- While this framework does have a little bit of a learning curve, you will find that it makes your life as a web developer significantly easier since you will be able to concentrate on programming and let Bootstrap handle the CSS- Look at the examples on the Bootstrap web site to help you understand how the make use of it-• You are not allowed to make use of a web framework -eg- CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laminas Yii, etc-- in building your website- Your work will not be marked and a zero grade will be given, if an attempt was evident-• You must implement the use cases, as described below in the use case section, using PHP and MySQL- Ensure to make use of the appropriate features of PHP and good programming design-• Do use the database schema and images files provided -will be available on Moodle-- Do no create your own version of database or images files-• A Microsoft word file that documents program design and implementation of your website- This document file should provide adequate information from a system design standpoint to address how your web site was designed, coded, tested, and implemented- It should also indicate what components/functionalities that work -partially or fully-, those not working -why not working-- Also, it is essential in this document to have a brief how-to on installing/using your program code on a local machine as a test bed for your web site- Attachment:- Developing Web Information Systems-rar

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