Create your own Java program. Having completed the

Assignment Detail:- COIT20245 Introduction to Programming - Central Queensland University Assessment - JAVA Program and Specification Project ObjectivesThis assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as stated in the Unit Profile- DetailsFor this assignment, you are required to develop your own Java Program to demonstrate you can use Java constructs including input/output, Java primitive and built-in types, selection and looping statements and various other Java commands- You can also include a menu interface, methods and a data structure for extra credit- What to submit for this project The Java source code:You will need to submit your source file: Project-java -and any others-- You can name your source file-s- to match your topic or scenario you have chosen- o Project-javaIf you submit the source code with an incorrect name you will lose marks- Your specification for your program-o Specification-docxYou will submit your files by the due date using the "Project" link Project Details ProgramFor this project you are to create your own Java program- Having completed the assignments, you should have the necessary skills to create a simple Java program, it should be at least at the level of assignment one or above- If you just hand in assignment one or two you will receive zero marks- Think of your own scenarioYou will need to think of a small business or other scenario for your program- Think of something which interests you:It could be a service: gardening, lawn mowing, window cleaning, dog walking, dog grooming, house cleaning, babysitting, car washing, home delivery, tutoring etc-You could be selling a product: curries, sandwiches, tools, hamburgers, books, magazines, plants, bicycles etc-It could be a calculation per person: compound interest projection, fuel consumption etc- The above are only suggestions try and be creative and create a unique scenario-Talk with your tutor if you are unsure of what scenario to use- You cannot use any scenario which has been used in the unit before, these include: Pizzas, Nemo Reef tours, a hotel, a carpark, drycleaners, car hire or sales, fruit shop, weather, student marks, catering, personal training and Rocky Blues lessons- You will receive zero if you submit any of these scenarios- Program requirementsYour program will need to read in N entries where N is the largest digit of your student ID, or single entries at a time in a menu system-For each entry you need to read in at least a String or more if it is required and read in a number or numbers to perform a calculation- The calculation should be dependent on a series of if else statements which depends on a variation of pricing based on number of items- If it is just a calculation per entry then use if else statements to report on the result for example: calculating fuel consumption could report being very efficient, normal or not efficient-For each entry you will need to report the charges or calculation results similar to the receipt printed for assignment one-After the entries have been entered you will need to report a couple of cumulative values total money collected and an average of some value -it could be the average of money collected- for example-These could be displayed in a display all option if you are using a menu interface- For extra credit you can include a menu interface and store the records using an advanced data structure such as an array of objects, parallel arrays or an ArrayList- Your program needs to display the principles of good programming practises: meaningful identifiers using camel notation, correct indentation and layout, constants used for numeric values and correct commenting including a header comment for all files if applicable- Program Specification Report For the second part of the project you will need to produce a specification for your program- Your specification should include the following parts: Title pageTitle of the program, your name and student number, due date and a very short description of the program -not a full abstract--Scenario description and program specification Completely describe your program, including a description of the scenario you have chosen, examples of calculations and/or pricing schemes, what needs to be input and what needs to be output including accumulated values at the end of the program or display all in a menu application- Screen shots and descriptions of the outputInclude screen shots of the expected look and feel of your program including all test cases- These screen shots need to be fully annotated- Create a marking schemeImagine you setting your program as an assignment for students, so you need to create a marking scheme out of twenty marks- Consider what is important in creating a professional program and weight each aspect accordingly- You will not include marks for a report, just provide marks for the program- Attachment:- JAVA Program and Specification-rar

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