Create viewports such that the floor plan and site is

Assignment Detail:- EMS1CAD Engineering CAD - La Trobe University Assessment weighting CONTEXTA developer is looking at producing a house and land package, for a site located in a developed area -see attached plans-- As an engineer you are required to make minor modifications to the original design of the house in order to save costs and to make the house more saleable- The developer would like to reduce the number of bedrooms and to incorporate a parents retreat to increase the attractiveness of the property- The final drawing is to be used in the advertising of the house and land package, it should include the house plan overlaying the site- It should also include enlarged detail of the parents retreat as this one of the major features of the house- TASK ONE1- Starting with A3 blank -the A3 template you set up without the title block-, you are required to draw the architectural plan in AutoCAD and make the following modifications -note you will be required to adjust the drawing limits of the template to allow for the drawing to be drawn 1:1-: NOTE: draw the external wall of the house on a separate layer-• Reduce the number of bedrooms to 3, incorporating a parents retreat -this is an enlarged/master bedroom-, an ensuite needs to be incorporated into the design, containing a spa, shower, vanity unit, a toilet and a sink- The ensuite must have a window with an area of at least 10% of the ensuite floor area -chose one of best fit from the provided window schedule--• The parents retreat must include a walk in wardrobe which is half the size of the ensuite-• The entrance to the parents retreat is to be through the existing doorway for bedroom 1-• Include the furniture supplied for your laboratory session -completed in week 3-• Include the porch as indicated on the provided plan with the dimensions 1330mm x 1500mm 2- Fully dimension the floor plan, with room names, windows, doors and roof line- All doors and windows are to be identified with a corresponding identifier, refer to provided plan for window identifiers, and identify the doors from the provided schedule-• Do not dimension the furniture -cupboards, toilet etc- 3- Hatch the brickwork for the external walls but not the stud thickness -see typical house external wall section for wall detail- 4- Label your plan "FLOOR PLAN" using an appropriate text size- 5- Create a window and door schedule to accompany the floor plan and a table of the ground levels- 6- Below the FLOOR PLAN, draw the front view/elevation -façade- of the house -an example is provided-- The elevation should show the following:• The ground line A', underside of fascia B', top of gutter C' -refer to the typical house external wall section for the location of points A', B' and C'-, refer to the provided table for ground levels- Your floor level has an RL -reduced level - height measured in reference to sea level- of 12-60m-• All windows and doors as per the window and door schedule provided-• The tiled roof should be hatched appropriately-• The small raised porch leading to the front door, as indicated on the house plan, is there to accommodate the difference in ground level to the floor levels- There should be 180mm height difference between the porch and the front door/floor level- 7- Label your front elevation as per what you did for your floor plan TASK TWO 1- For this task you will be drawing the site/block of land for the house you drew in the previous task- Using A3 blank as your template, save as a new drawing, adjust the drawing limits so the entire site can be drawn at 1:1 scale 2- Set your units to surveyors units by using the unit's dialogue box- Select Surveyor's Units under angle, make sure the precision is 0d00'00" and chose the direction to be North- This is so you can draw your site plan using the distances and bearings shown on the plan- 3- Draw the site plan 4- Import the outline of your house- Your house outline can be imported as a block and positioned accordingly or you can copy and paste the outline from the drawing of the FLOOR PLAN after turning off all other layers first- 5- Provide general dimensions including all setbacks, multi text can be used for the bearings, by right clicking in the text editor, go to symbols and select the degree symbol -alternatively type %%d after your degrees and the symbol will automatically appear-- 6- Add in a 2 x 3 metre garden shed to the rear of the property, making sure it is located clear of the easement- 7- Ensure the shed and the house are hatched and labelled appropriately 8- Ensure you include a North Point to your drawing TASK THREE 1- Open A3 Paper and save it as a new drawing- 2- Setup a layout, set your paper size to A3 and set up your title block- 3- Create viewports such that the floor plan and site is displayed in one, the front elevation in another and the parents retreat shown at an enlarged scale -clearly labelled and dimensioned-- All views should be labelled accordingly and have an accompanying scale- 4- Print to an A3 pdf file, taking into account pen assignments in your layout- Think about the colours that your layers will be printed in e-g- yellow on a white background is very difficult see- Note: both your -dwg file and pdf file are required for submission- Attachment:- Engineering CAD-rar

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