Create appropriate frameworks and standards for network

Assignment Detail:- MN621 Advanced Network Design - Melbourne Institute of Technology Assessment - Network analysis and recommendations Learning outcome 1: Create appropriate frameworks and standards for network implementation; Learning outcome 2: Apply concepts and theories of human factors as related to network design and implementation; Learning outcome 3: Evaluate performance metrics and dimensions according to specifications- Case study: Based on individual report of assignment 1b, write a group report including the following sections: 1- Summary of the case study reports in 2-3 paragraphs- Rewrite cases studies to one group case study including features of 5 case studies presented by individual students- Make sure to write your MIT ID digits as IP addresses and justify in the report- 2- Design your own network in packet tracer or any simulator in consideration of the following factorsa- Gain visibility and control by end users -human factor considerations-b- Realise strategic solutions of your designed network -use of network protocols such as BGP, OSPF-c- Future trends in networking: Consider future trends in networking such as SDN, 5G, 4D Network, Open Network Switches, cloud, IPv6, Multi-Band Routers, AI applications, etc- 3- Innovative ideasWrite innovative ideas on how can you improve network performance as one solution by combining advantages of all network solutions- 4- Demonstration- Packet tracer or any simulator demonstration or practical on real devices in a group during week 10 or 11 according to tutors allocations Attachment:- Advanced Network Design-rar

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