Create and provide a Level 0 Data Flow Diagram and The

Assignment Detail:- MIS605 Systems Analysis and Design - Laureate International Universities Assessment - Design Specification Learning Outcome 1: Identify, critically evaluate and recommend information systems solutions for inefficiencies in business processes, procedures and work practices using data and process modelling techniques- Learning Outcome 2: Formulate, validate and document business requirements for a medium-scale information system development project and effectively communicate these requirements to the stakeholders- Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate the ability to effectively analyse, design and develop information systems using Unified Modelling Language -UML- models- Part Summary Based on your responses to questions in Assessment 1, perform process and data modelling and develop and document a number of design diagrams including context diagram, level 0 and level 1 data flow diagram and entity relationship diagram- ContextIn Assessment 1, you performed a comprehensive requirement analysis for the case study that was given to you- With an in-depth understanding of the functional requirements of the system, you are now required to perform further analysis through process and data modelling- Process modelling and data modelling can be used to provide deeper understanding of a system thus they are an integral part of system analysis- Process modelling models processes in a system while data modelling helps in identifying the data that flows through the processes- Instructions 1- Please read case study provided to you by your facilitator- Note that every piece of information provided in this case study has a purpose- 2- The solution that you provided in assessment 1 and the feedback of your Learning Facilitator against assessment 1 would also serve as an input to assessment 2- 3- Please answer the following questions: Question 1: Create and provide a Context Diagram for the given case study- Question 2: Create and provide a Level 0 Data Flow Diagram -DFD-- The Level 0 DFD should contain all the major high-level processes of the System and should show how these processes are interrelated/interacting- Question 3: Select three important processes from Level 0 DFD and provide their decomposition -Level 1 DFD-- Question 4: For the given case study, provide an Entity Relationship Diagram -ERD-- Provide the logical model only! Question 5: For the given case study, identify the data stores including the files that are not part of ERD- Question 6: Translate the ERD you developed in Part 4 into a physical relational database design- Use some database tool such as Microsoft Access to create your database and submit diagram that you made using this tool- Normalise your database design to the Third Normal Form -3NF-- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing- Attachment:- Systems Analysis and Design-rar

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