Create and maintain professional relationships with

Assignment Detail:- ICT 301 Professional Experience Assessment - Individual final report OverviewThe Professional Experience unit includes a focus on assisting students to develop their understanding of industry practice, through engagement with industry professionals as guest lecturers or facilitators/trainers, and with case-study and simulated work situations directly sourced from and relevant to industry settings- In this unit, the student learning experience is directed and managed through work experiences and academic engagement which is conducted in a blended mode - face to face and online-- Learning Outcome 1: Apply skills and knowledge in an industry context- -skills and knowledge- Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills by analyzing underlying IT and Business issues and making appropriate recommendations for solutions- -problem solving- Learning Outcome 3: Continually reflect on and seek out opportunities to improve workplace practice through observation, reflection, and inquiry- -self-regulation and professional practice- Learning Outcome 4: Create and maintain professional relationships with colleagues as well as the wider workplace community- -leadership- Learning Outcome 5: Apply a comprehensive range of effective verbal and non-verbal communication and interpersonal skills to actively collaborate with professional colleagues and other stakeholders- -communication skills- Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate a strong understanding of professional ethics in relation to the IT and Business industry- -ethical behavior- Assessment DetailsYou are required to write a 3000 words action research report presenting your experiences and learnings from your work placement-Your report should: Abstract -Usually written after creating the report that is concise summary of a report- Describe the context where the project takes place- This could be, for example, the scenario / simulated workplace in which you worked- The key functions of the workplace should be briefly mentioned- Contain a statement of your project problem statement - This would explain where your research questions come from, the problem you intend to investigate, and the goals you want to achieve- You may also mention prior research studies you have read that are related to your report- Detail the method-s- used- This part includes various data collection techniques and types of data in your report, and justification of your used strategies-How did you use your problem solving and conflict resolution skills ???? Highlight the project findings /Outcome of new project outcome- This is the part in which you observe and reflect upon your practice- By analyzing the evidence, you have gathered, you will come to understand whether the initial problem has been solved or not, and what problem solutions you have yet to accomplish- suggest implications- You may discuss how the findings of your learning will affect your future work environment , or explain any new strategies that you would use that have been inspired by this report-You must discuss each of the following elements of your project: AbstractIntroduction Problem StatementPurpose of the Project StakeholdersProject Action StepsProject approach with soft skills Software, Tools and Technologies used Outcomes/Findings of the Project Future improvements References - APA style Attachment:- Professional Experience-rar

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