Create a staff file for the new staff member and all

Assignment Detail:- Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedures Policy StatementGrow Management Consultants is committed to recruiting and selecting quality staff- It is also committed to inducting staff to ensure that they understand their job role and can follow all required procedures- ScopeThis policy and procedures applies to all staff who undertake recruitment, selection, induction and termination- This policy and procedure is supported by, and linked to the company's Strategic Plan, and Staff Code of Conduct-Procedures 1- Recruitment, selection and appointment-The following procedures will be followed for recruitment-• Prior to the recruitment process commencing, HR develops a position description or accesses an existing position description- Ensure that all information in the position description is accurate and identifies the key responsibilities, key selection criteria and desirable skills and attributes-• HR will advertise the position using the organisation's preferred medium-s- and advertisement templates- Advertisements will clearly specify the purpose of the role, key selection criteria, mandatory qualifications and a contact name and number-• Following the receipt of applications, HR and the responsible manager will develop a shortlist of applicants based on the applications provided and their suitability to the role- Ensure that all shortlisted applicants have the mandatory qualifications required of the position or the ability to obtain them-• HR will consider whether any testing is required as part of the process-• Interview of shortlisted candidates will be completed with HR and the responsible manager- Standard questions will be used, and accurate notes will be taken-• Following the interview, HR and the responsible manager will agree on the selected applicant and referee checks will occur using the Reference Check form-• Letter of offer is developed using standard letter template and sent out to successful candidate/s-• Rejection letter is developed using standard letter template and sent to unsuccessful candidates- 2- Induction• HR creates a staff file for the new staff member and all documents relating to the recruitment process are stored-• Staff member completes all required documentation for employment, including contracts, staff details forms and TFN form-• Ensure signed contract is on file-• Induction plan is created, and initial induction completed-• Inductions as per plan are conducted during the first three months, which is also the probationary period-• At least 2 days prior to the probationary period lapsing, HR will hold a review and support session with the employee- This session is to be used as a feedback and review opportunity from both parties on the probationary period-• If the employee's performance is not satisfactory, the termination procedure must be followed-

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