Create a simple web server and serve a simple web page,

Assignment Detail:- Express Web Servers Practical 1: InstructionsLast week we have barely scratched the surface, this week , we review express and http methods- Make sure you have watched the video in the lecture for the "Http methods"- Part 1Go through the video and make sure that you are able to create a simple web server and serve a simple web page, using the public folder to serve files- Experiment with a simple end point- Part 2 - to be uploaded on gitExpand task 1 to start creating your first NodeJS code- Add at least a web service that allows to add two numbers on the server -e-g- I can call the URL-- Make sure to practice Express, Get, functions to understand the application of REST API in the server side- Feel free if you want to add other function such as POST or other calculations of a basic calculator- Practical 2: ExerciseOnce you have completed viewing the lecture, write down a 200 words summary of what you believe are the key points in a software design and what you can consider in your design for the "Locate a Socket" application that you've already defined your user stories in Lecture 2- For your submission, please upload the 200-word summary through the OnTrack- Attachment:- Practical-rar

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