Create a robot path planner that is able to find an optimal

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Project Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of the field of artificial intelligence including its origins, fundamental concepts, limitations and the problems that it tries to solve- Learning Outcome 2: Explain basic concepts, methods, theories and application for search- Learning Outcome 3:Interpret and formulate knowledge representations in the form of logic expressions- Learning Outcome 4: Describe knowledge systems, the use of AI based problem solving methods, forms of knowledge representation, and model-based reasoning- Learning Outcome 5: Explain basic concepts, methods, theories and application for learning- Learning Outcome 6: Discuss the philosophical foundations and ethics of AI- Project and supporting document Part Summary In this assessment, you are to program an AI agent to solve a real-world, challenging case study- This assessment is done individually and you are to submit programs and supporting documents- Please refer to the Part Instructions for details on how to complete this task- This assessment is intended to test:• Your understanding of the theories covered in Module 1 to 12-• Your ability to formulate and frame a simplified real-world problem for an AI problem solving technique-• Your ability to choose a suitable AI technique for the problem-• Your ability to develop an AI problem solving technique in a modern programming language-• Your ability to provide a document to discuss the potential applications and ethics of the AI solution- ContextYou are to create a robot path planner that is able to find an optimal path to navigate an environment and reach a target- By completing this assessment, you will show your skills on leveraging the best AI methods to solve a simplified real-world problem-The maze can be seen in the image below- It can be seen that there are 12 rows and 24 columns, meaning there is a total of 288 blocks on the map- There are four different types of blocks in this map as follows:• Green: wall• White: space -void-• Red: initial position of the robot• Blue: the target You can easily represent the entire maze as a 2D array with 0s and 1s: In this array, we use the following numbers to represent different types of blocks:• 1: wall• 0: space -void-• -1: initial position of the robot• 9: the target In this assessment, you need to design and implement a robot path planner- Note your learning facilitator will give you the type and name of the search or optimization algorithms that you have to implement- The learning facilitator might ask you to work on a randomly generated maze as well- You do not have to draw a maze like the picture above- You can simply mark the shortest path obtained by your algorithm using for instance 2 -or any other numbers except 1, 0, -1, and 9- in the 2D array- If you draw the maze, however, it will be a lot easier to visualise the path and make sure that it is the closest path to the target when you are testing your program-By implementation, we mean to write the steps that should be taken to find the shortest path from the initial position to the target as a pseudocode- After implementation, write a reflective report detailing the experience of the development process- The report should be 2000 words -10%+-- in length and include the following sections:• Overview• What went right• What went wrong• What you are not sure about• ConclusionNote that your pseudocode is not be included in the word count- Part Instructions • Appropriate, effective and correct usage of pseudocode to design and develop and algorithm• Effective use of search and or optimization algorithms in AI-• Good selection of search and/or optimization algorithms- The pseudocode that you will be submitting:1- Should be clear and detailed2- Should be structured and written with the best practices-3- There should be enough number of comments to show your understanding of the program-4- Flowcharts can be used to complement the pseudocode Attachment:- Assessment Project-rar

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