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Assignment Detail:- NURBN3032 Transitioning to Nursing Practice - Federation University Australia ePortfolio This task aims to prepare students for applying for paid roles in the nursing profession- To complete this task students are asked to complete a professional ePortfolio that can be later be used in response to real employment opportunities upon graduation- The ePortfolio Students will be required to use Mahara ePortfolios to create a professional ePortfolio assist in applying for graduate nursing program applications- Note that all components of this task are required to be completed regardless of whether you are intending to apply for a graduate program or not, as this ePortfolio can be used as a tool for gaining future employment and as a means of documenting ongoing professional growth, knowledge and skills post-graduation- This assessment is designed to assess students' ability to satisfy the requirements for a graduate position application- It also assesses students' ability to apply the principles of ‘getting job ready' as taught in the NURBN3032 course- This task should be treated as a real job application- Lecturers will provide feedback on students' ability to present themselves professionally, and they will be assessed on how they demonstrate their professional growth and development through their ePortfolio- The portfolio should provide evidence of achievement of relevant competencies at the level expected of a third-year student nurse- It should demonstrate growth and development as a student and evidence of how students have monitored their progress in meeting personal and professional learning objectives- Students need to include in their ePortfolio anything that demonstrates their personal and professional growth, knowledge and/or skills as an active learner and reflective practitioner- This might take the form of volunteer work, personal mentoring experiences, or previous work experience -i-e-, demonstrate your transitional skills that are relevant to nursing-- Students are required to develop an ePortfolio that includes the following: Individual photograph The photograph provided should not be a ‘selfie' for social media- It should be professional in nature - i-e-, please consider grooming and attire and note that wearing your university or a work uniform is not considered acceptable for this task- It must be of an appropriate size to be easily viewed in the ePortfolio- Note that the photograph does not need to be taken by a professional photographer- Competency Documentation 1- Include copies of the your Australian Nursing Standards Assessment Tools -ANSAT- and/or Clinical Assessment Tools -CAT- from your second and third year placements -where applicable-- 2- Outline any previous nursing-related short courses or training that you may have undertaken -i-e- BloodSafe, Hand Hygiene, etc--Note that attachments of certi????cates/competency documentation is also required- These should be added to the ePortfolio- Clinical Competencies Using your practice experience, demonstrate your achievement of the NMBA Standards -the STAR technique is required here-- There are seven -7- standards, so there should be seven -7- short statements -200 words -+/- 10% each- demonstrating how you have achieved them- Video Presentation Using the STAR technique, you are required to produce a video presentation using Kaltura or similar of no more than five minutes duration, which addresses the following: 1- An example from clinical placement which shows how you have developed the communication skills that are required of a professional nurse- 2- An example from clinical placement which shows how you have developed the teamwork skills that are required of a professional nurse-Note, your video presentation must include a brief personal introduction , an outline of the presentation content, and appropriate closing language for the viewer to cue the end of the presentation- Students are to dress professionally, as if attending an interview, and should consider the environment in which the video is being recorded- The background should be neutral in colour and tone, and extraneous sounds should be minimised- Note that wearing your university uniform or a work uniform is not considered acceptable for this task- Reflection: The reflection should be based on Gibbs' reflective cycle and present a challenging situation that you have personally encountered during a nursing clinical placement -approx- 700 words-- This challenging situation, might for example be a medication error or workplace conflict- Note: Give Ischemic Stroke Attachment:- ePortfolio-rar

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