Create a portfolio of work incorporating short job/project

Assignment Detail:- Overview Create a portfolio of work incorporating short job/project reflections on this work- This will assist you to showcase your skills, worked-based applied learning and increased employability to future employers- Sections 1 - Introduce yourself On one page, briefly introduce yourself to whoever might be reading this portfolio- The key aspect of this is to profile yourself in a professional manner- You might want to include: A short introduction of yourself include an appropriate photo if you canYour reasons for selecting to study the program in which you are enrolled, particularly why you chose to undertake the business internship option;What you do outside of your studies -work, social, sporting, etc-- that would be of interest to someone wishing to employ you- Focus on the useful skills that you have developed from undertaking these activities that were applied on this course- 2 - Provide Evidence as ‘artefacts' of your achievements on the internship In order to demonstrate your achievements, you should showcase some examples of your work in the form of an artefact- An artefact can be anything you think adequately displays your work and allows you to explain what you did and ultimately your increased learning- Some examples might include: A piece of work undertaken on your internship -business plan, marketing poster, spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentationEmails, photo's, screen-grabs, meeting minutes, diary entries etcA mind map, or self-study notes that show the ways you approach work-based projectsYour written observation and account of an event e-g- staff training or social team building sessionPlease note: No ‘confidential' information is required for this assignment- E-g- you may provide a screen grab of a spreadsheet with blanked figures deemed sensitive and yet still sufficiently showcase the work or project being delivered- In addition, for some items it may be polite to seek personal permission to include them- E-g- a team photo with colleagues or a screen grab of an online meeting- For each 'artefact' you present, please add a brief description and your reflection of this work- Outlining what skills or learning you have gained from this specific task- I-e- the purpose of the artefacts is to provide the context for the story about your development- It is expected that between 4-6 artefacts are discussed with approx- 200-250 words written on each 3 - Final Thoughts Now that your placement hours are complete or almost complete it's time to reflect more generally on your overall experience- Appraise the benefits your received against the effort you were required to put in- Evaluate the success -to you- of this course, explain your answer-

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