Create a one-year plan to show where you would like to be

Assignment Detail:- Develop and maintain professional competence Those in a management position should never assume that professional development isn't as important to them as it is for those they manage- Competencies in the workplace refer to a set of skills, attributes or behaviours that are used to decide an individual's effectiveness or ability to perform a job - this includes having a leadership position- Workplace competencies can be behavioural, for example, having excellent verbal communication skills; or technical, which may refer to the ability to resolve conflict- These are all very important in a good manager or leader- You should be able to document your own development needs, priorities and plans by using the standards of competency that applies to your role- In general, competency can be improved by:• Observing those around you - this may be particularly helpful when starting a new job or learning a new skill• asking questions to improve your knowledge - gaining expertise and insight from those who are more experienced than you• improving your soft skills - this may involve thinking of how can you improve your attitude, or communicate more effectively• improving the quality of your work - rectify any mistakes that you've made previously• learning new skills or technology to improve your skills - this may be needed as result of industry trends or feedback you receive from other employees Activity: Research and discussList the ways in which you maintain your professional competencies either in your current workplace or a position you have previously held-Research the term "Competency Standards" and provide a list of tools that could be used to assess personal competency standards- It is good to create a culture of feedback within the workplace so that it is sought actively on an ongoing basis and not to rely only on feedback that is provided in a random manner or at performance management discussions-To obtain this volume and consistency of feedback the team should:• Include ‘feedback' as a standing topic at all meeting, briefings, debriefings-• Ensure new team members are advised of the role of feedback in the team and the need for them to contribute to it-• Ensure there is a variety of feedback options available so there is plenty of opportunity to provide feedback - as well as meetings etc the team can use casual discussions, text messages, phone calls, emails, non-verbal communication -‘thumbs up', a smile-- Activity: Research and discussList the type of tools that you could use to obtain feedback from employees, colleagues and clients-Have you ever been given feedback that has enabled a positive change in your work practices???? Activity: PracticalYou will now be establishing a professional development action plan which you might choose to undertake-The tasks are as follows:Create an action plan -use an online template if required- for the following:• A professionally presented and up-to-date resume-• Joining a professional network that relates to your industry or one that you are interested in-• Creating a professional profile on a social media or network such as LinkedIn, establishing networks within the network and posting or showing interaction within the network-• Undertaking at least one professional development activity that will help you in your job or college life-This could be an online webinar on study skills or a beginner course in Spanish-• Create a one-year plan to show where you would like to be professionally in 1-3 years from now- Show measurable goals, milestones and explain how these can be achieved-• Present your work at the end of the content delivery of this unit- You may choose to complete some of your activities in preparation for your assessment-

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