Create a Kali hacking tools presentation by researching,

Assignment Detail:- Group Presentation: Research Security vulnerability tools using Kali -Linux- Topic - Burp suite It is an individual assignment for online students and a group-based assignment for on- campus students- Online students need to prepare an audio/video presentation of 5 minutes and upload it to Moodle shell- The on-campus students need to present for approximately 30 minutes on one of the following topics- Groups need to self-organise in earlier weeks and choose a topic in-class -Online students need to inform the course coordinator via email-- Tutors will ensure that no two groups have the same topic- This task requires you to create a Kali hacking tools presentation by researching, experimenting with, and explaining hacking tools features- After completing this task, you should be able to use built in tools in Linux Kali to do vulnerability testing for the systems- You should select one tool from the following list -if you want to select any other tool from Kali, please discuss with tutor-:• Hydra• Maltego• NMap• Zed Attack Proxy• SqlMap• Metasploit Framework• Burp Suite You are required to investigate your selected tool and explain the syntax of commands you use- Your presentation must include at least 6 screenshots that demonstrate different features of the tool- Your presentation should be sufficiently detailed to enable audiences to be able to use the tool- You can prepare the presentation on the selected tool containing following headings-1- Introduction of the tool2- Features of the tool3- Techniques used by the tool to exploit vulnerabilities of information systems4- Experimental setup and evidence of usage of the tool- Include screenshots of vulnerability testing-5- Shortcomings of the tool and possible improvements6- Conclusions7- References Presentations will be 5 minutes, multiplied by the number of people in your group- If there are more groups than topics, then topics can be done by more than one group, at the tutor's discretion- Groups must contain either 4 or 5 students as default - if a small group is formed -e-g-, having two students remaining-, then the tutor will rebalance the groups to ensure that there are no "small" groups- Only in exceptional cases will groups of a different size be allowed- See the scoring sheet for this assignment, which is on the next page, and ensure that your presentation fulfils the criteria listed- All students in the same group get the same mark for "Contents", while "Presentation" marks are assigned individually- Your final mark is the sum of the two-

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