Create a Design Brief which outlines the specific problems

Assignment Detail:- MIS611 Information Systems Capstone - Torrens University Australia 1- IntroductionThis must include background information about your case organization/client and how you progressed assessment 1 what is the reinventing money you are doing and also who are the customers that you are developing the money for i-e- who are the people from the bank- 2- The Design BriefDesign Brief: Using information from the Stakeholder Requirements Document create a Design Brief which outlines the specific problems that need to be addressed, goals of the Solution Prototype, constraints, timelines, risks and mitigations- This should include reference to the project approach whether it is linear or iterative- -1000 words-   3- Three different solution scenarios-900 words-Three different solution scenarios which describe different solutions considered that may solve the problem outlined in the problem statement- 4- Solution Prototyping-600 words-Solution prototyping: outline your prototyping strategy and describe the different prototyping tools and techniques that you have used to arrive at your final prototype solution, and their benefits- 5- A solution Blue Print-800 words-A Solution Blueprint outlining -800 words-:a- User Experience -200 words-b- Processes and touchpoints -200 words-c- User interface requirements -including accessibility- -400 words-Examples and evidence of prototyping e-g- mock-ups, interface designs etc- -diagrams - no word count- *6- Security Considerations -200 words-Security considerations related to your solution design- -200 words- *7- Ethical Considerations -200 words-Ethical considerations in your solution design- -200 words- *8- Solution Evaluation -200 words-Use the approach appropriate criteria to assess your solution to determine whether it meets the needs of your case organisation/client as detailed in the Stakeholder Requirements- 9- ConclusionConclusion -100 words- 11- References according to the APA styleStarts on a new page separate from your reportMust be in alphabetical orderNot included in word countAPA 7th Edition Referencing Style - reference list is not numbered Note: Need Only 6,7,8 number part  Attachment:- Capstone Assignment template-rar

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