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Assignment Detail:- Step One 1- REPLY TO THIS PEER POST -100 WORDS-Re: Ethical PracticesOne of the important ideas I choose from AASW code of ethic is that to priorities the service user's interest- As a social worker, I need to understand that all the service users are vulnerable, and it is important to empower them by safeguarding their rights and interest- Maintaining the client's confidentiality, privacy and mandatory reporting is the also important part of a social worker- During the therapeutical session it is critical to explain about privacy and confidentiality to the client, so they can choose what they want to speak, and they will get a clear understanding of the policy- From these two readings the most important value for me is to follow AASW code of ethics during the practice-Mandatory reporting might be challenging during practice, it will be difficult to make decision what to be reported and under what circumstance it can be reported about the client's privacy-Referencing:Australian Association of Social Workers -AASW-, -2020-- AASW Code of Ethics-Maylea, C- -2019-- Social work and the law: A guide for ethical practice- 2- REPLY TO THIS PEER POST -IN 100 WORDS-Re: Ethical PracticesThere are three core principles of ethical obligations in social work: respect for persons, social justice, and professional integrity- Social workers are unlike other professionals such as medical doctors and psychologists, they are always behaving according to the law since they are trying to do the right thing in society- Even though the obligations are invisible, social workers would maintain the best interest of service users as a priority to ensure access, equity, participation, and legal protection for all -AASW, 2020-- When examining social work ethics, it is important to first grasp the field's primary mission- In my point of view, when we dig into the ethics of social work, it is critical to first understand the field's core objective in order to fundamentally improve human well-being and strive for all individuals to have their needs addressed, regardless of the difficulties they confront- Therefore, we should understand how environmental variables cause or contribute to difficulties that impact individuals- Maylea, C- -2019-- Social Work and the Law: A Guide for Ethical Practice -1st ed- 2020 ed--- Red Globe Press- 3- REPLY TO THIS PEER POST -IN 100 WORDS-Re: Ethical PracticesAccording to the Australian Association of Social Workers Code of ethics -2020- Service users' rights to the privacy and confidentiality of personal information, and the appropriate use of information collected in the course of professional service should all be respected by the social worker- As a social work student, it becomes more important to follow the code strictly but the challenging part is when we have to breach the trust of the client to provide information to relevant authorities which can put me in a dilemma about whether I am really standing by my values of respecting individuals privacy and confidentiality-Another important idea is mandatory reporting- According to Maylea -2019-, social workers are required to report an offence in certain areas of practice and failure to disclose or report is often not a crime- As an emerging social worker, it is challenging because some areas are too broad which can put you in a dilemma whether you are legally and ethically competent to stay in practice- Step Two Once you make your initial post, return sometime later, and engage with at least 3 of your peers in a collaborative dialogue- In your responses, do not repeat any ideas from your initial post, instead seek to create new understandings- -Hint 1: You are seeking to create a collaborative dialogue - to deepen understanding of each other and so you need to go beyond ‘agreement'- If all you do is ‘agree' you are bringing a conversation to a close- Hint 2: A brief one line response is superficial and may also be received by your peer as being dismissive / disrespect - rather than engaging with them in conversation-- Be inclusive - so look out for anyone who is yet to be responded to- Use APA 7 referencing Is required-

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