CP2409 Network Forensics and Data Communications Assignment

Assignment Detail:- CP2409 Network Forensics and Data Communications - James Cook University Case Study - Performance Analysis The Problem: You are the network analyst- Your customer, AtWork has endured a year of slow traffic and so decided to seek your opinion- The AtWork network is facing a number of performance issues, one of which is slow connection, especially slow file transfer -applied to both upload and download-- Furthermore, could take a good while to get webpages up on their browsers- As the AtWork employees often need to access files stored on the company's file server, it is crucial being able to have fast access to these files- Although there might be many possibilities on how these problems occur, it is also possible that all of these are caused by just a single problem at a level of the OSI model- You are able to obtain a file -atwork-pcapng- containing results of a packet trace detailing file transfers- The results of the packet trace would enable you to identify which processes have completed successfully and which have not- Your Parts: Analyse the trace file obtained using an appropriate packet analyser or other appropriate tools, provide an official report discussing your findings- Your report needs to include the following parts: 1- Introduction - OSI Modela- Describes all OSI layers and the approaches/steps in network performance troubleshooting corresponding to all OSI layers-b- Keep in mind that the OSI model must be described in relation to the problems stated above, therefore you must be specific and discuss in more detail on the layer that you believe to be the place where the issues occur- Explain what made you conclude that the problems occur that the layer-c- The OSI model is used when making diagnoses and identifying the problem- 2- Problem breakdown - Discuss the network performance issues that the employees are currently experiencing, compare the issues to a case from online resources who experienced the same or similar problem, and then explain how the case was solved- You must quote appropriate references related to the case you have chosen to discuss- 3- Problem discussion - Use appropriate charts from a packet analyser and present your analysis and discussion- Give at least 2 primary causes of this poor network performance- Provide screenshots of supporting traffic logs- 4- A brief discussion on how this problem can be prevented in future- 5- Conclusion - Conclude your findings and make a recommendation- Attachment:- Performance Analysis-rar

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