COSC2626 Cloud Computing Assignment Help and Solution, RMIT

Assignment Detail:- COSC2626 Cloud Computing - RMIT University Assessment Criteria This assessment will develop your ability to:1- Design and develop a highly scalable application by applying the knowledge of distributed architecture and multiple cloud platforms and services2- Develop a professional project report3- Write a user' manual to introduce your product Learning Outcome 1:  Develop and deploy cloud application using popular cloud platforms,Learning Outcome 2: Design and develop highly scalable cloud-based applications by creating and configuring virtual machines on the cloud and building private cloud-Learning Outcome 3: Explain and identify the techniques of big data analysis in cloud-Learning Outcome 4: Compare, contrast, and evaluate the key trade-offs between multiple approaches to cloud system design, and Identify appropriate design choices when solving real-world cloud computing problems-Learning Outcome 5: Write comprehensive case studies analysing and contrasting different cloud computing solutions-Learning Outcome 6: Make recommendations on cloud computing solutions for an enterprise- Requirement1- You must have a distributed model for your application- You can use distributed system concept for your application as discussed in Lecture 2- -e-g- separate component for processing and storage/ Multinode cluster/ multiple processing servers/ multiple cloud features / Integration of multiple REST APIs/ IoT/ Edge computing/ Fog Computing/Publish subscriber model/ Peer to Peer system/ Push notifications-- 2- The use of Google/AWS cloud services such as Hadoop MapReduce, BigQuery, SQS, Microservices, Endpoints, API Gateway, CloudWatch, Lambda, Machine Learning, real-time data analysis, etc- will make your project interesting- You may not learn all of the services but if you learn them by yourself, it will be highly appreciated as well as helpful for your projects- 3- You should take advantage of Google/AWS Cloud storage -e-g- S3, Google Cloud Storage- and Google/AWS Cloud Datastore -e-g- Google datastore, Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB or Relational Database Services- in your project- 4- You should have a nice client side visualization -e-g- a webpage/website or a mobile app-- If you have any kind of data analysis you should interpret your result nicely using tabular and/or graphical format- For web application you should to deploy your application either in Google cloud or AWS cloud- 5- Students in a group should sign a contribution agreement form to acknowledge each member's contribution portion in the project- The contribution agreement form must be signed by all group members, scanned, and attached with the report otherwise your assignment cannot be marked- If fewer contributions are identified by one student then he/she will receive less mark than his/her group-mate- Project Options Option 1 Development of a cloud application using your own idea and strength- Option 2 Development of a cloud application using idea suggested by your tutor based on your interest and strength- Option 3 You may refer to Assignment 2 Supporting Information-pdf, where several applications were discussed -the projects are from previous years-- You may choose one of them as your project or somewhat similar- Attachment:- Cloud Computing-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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