COS30045 Data Visualisation Assignment Help and Solution,

Assignment Detail:- COS30045 Data Visualisation - Swinburne University of Technology Data Visualisation Project: Website and Visualisation IntroductionThe Data Visualisation website is a major part of your assessment- It is expected that you pro- gram your visualisations in D3- However, if it becomes evident that you cannot achieve your vision using D3 in the time required then other tools are acceptable- Project Summary: Critically evaluate data visualisations and propose improvements based on an understanding of human perception and cognition and data visualisation design principles- Apply a structured design process to create effective visualisations-Conceptualise and iterate data visualisation designs using sketching and low fidelity prototyping techniques-Create web-based interactive data visualisations using a real-world data set- Generic skills• Communication skills• Team work skills• Digital literacy Purpose: This assessment is a major assessment item and should demonstrate mastery of all the unit learning outcomes- For this assessment item you will research, design and build an interactive data visualisation for the web related to the Semester Topic specified in this document- Sustainability: EnergySwinburne is committed to helping individuals and society work towards a more sustainable future- In this Project you will be designing and building a visualisation to help us realise this ambition- In particular we would like you to focus on visualisations related to Energy produc- tion and or use- Your visualisation might be aimed at any one or more of the following, helping people:• understand the energy use profile of their region, or other regions around the world• understand the environmental impact of different types of energy• understand their personal energy use• minimise and/or monitor personal, community, or business/corporation energy use Your visualisation must relate to this topic- Substantial penalties apply for not addressing the Topic- Attachment:- Website and Visualisation-rar

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