Corporate Social Responsibility reporting and the stated

Assignment Detail:- BUGEN 5930 Business, Society and the Planet Assessment Details This task requires you to work both individually and as part of a group to consider the sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting and the stated values of two similar organisations and apply the Giving Voice to Values framework- Part A - Assessment of Business Sustainability Reporting For this component, you need to analyse and compare the values and approaches to sustainability/CSR reporting of two companies- In groups of 3-4 students, you are required to select two companies that produce CSR and/or sustainability reports and whose values are identified on their websites or in other company documents -that are publicly available-- You are required to consider and discuss the companies as a group, but must submit your own responses to the questions as individuals- The two companies selected must be either: -a- From different industries but in the same country; or -b- From the same industry but different countries- By Week 5, you must provide -for your lecturer's approval- the names of the companies you have selected to research, and the industry and country within which they operate- Please note: your lecturer will advise of companies that are not suitable for this task and/or cannot be selected- You need to research each of your companies to determine their company values, their approaches to social responsibility and their reporting of their sustainability performances and compare the approaches of the two companies- Companies NOT SUITABLE for this task include: • Automotive companies -Ford, Tesla, Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Mahindra etc--• Supermarkets -Coles, Woolworths-• Telcos -Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc--• BHP, Rio Tinto, Walmart, ANZ, Nike- As a group, research each of your companies to determine their company values, their approaches to social responsibility and their reporting of their social performances- As an individual, you are required to consider and submit your own responses to the following questions : i- Identify and describe the two companies you have researched; their core business activities and the countries and/or industries in which they operate-ii- What differences are evident between the two companies in terms of the range of issues dealt with in their social reports and the depth of coverage on specific issues???? Please note - this question does not ask for a description or summary of the content of each company's reports- Instead, you need to analyse the types of information, the major themes, the presentation, formatting and tone of each report - and explain the ways in which the reports are similar to each other and the ways in which they are different- iii- Discuss which of the Sustainable Development Goals you believe are most relevant to these companies, their industries and the countries in which they operate- Discuss the extent to which these SDGs were addressed, explicitly or implicitly, in the CSR/Sustainability reports of your companies???? iv- Based on your analyses of your companies' sustainability/CSR reporting, identify in which Sustainability Phase/s -Dunphy, Griffiths & Benn- each of your companies sit- Explain your reasons for these assessments- v- Discuss the extent to which the social reports provided by these companies reflect their stated values- vi- Briefly reflect on your group's discussions of these companies- In what ways did the ideas presented by your group confirm your own conclusions, influence your thinking and/or present another perspective to you???? Please note: this question does not ask for a summary of what your group decided or who said what- This requires reflection on how your thinking, understandings and perceptions developed through your engagement with your group- • A score will be allocated for presentation, written expression, spelling, grammar, punctuation and referencing-Referencing: You are required to follow the APA style of referencing for this task- There is no set number of references required- It is recommended, however, that you independently seek out resources in addition to those provided by the lecturer- Part B - Application of the GVV Framework In this group task you will work with the same group members as for Assessment 2 - Part A- This task requires your group to consider an ethical dilemma that emerges at a workplace of your choosing- This workplace may be based on one of the companies analysed in Assessment 2 - Part A, another workplace or company with which you are familiar or a fictional workplace developed by your group- As a group, you are required to develop and submit: 1- A fictional scenario that describes the emergence an ethical/moral dilemma for stakeholders in a workplace of your choosing- 2- A script in which the central character in this scenario applies the Giving Voice to Values framework to the give voice to his/her values-3- A presentation of your script to the class as a role play - or recorded as a video/audio file- 1- Scenario DevelopmentDevelop a fictional scenario that outlines the emergence of an ethical dilemma in a workplace of your choosing- This scenario should be written as a narrative piece of writing, similar in format and style to the GVV/Babson scenarios- Your scenario should describe a possible workplace situation that illustrates the emergence of this dilemma as a values conflict for one or more people- It should introduce the key stakeholders & characters, the key facts and the background information that has led to this issue- Please discuss your scenario/workplace/ethical dilemma with your lecturer to ensure it is suitable for this task before you proceed with the development of your script- 2- Script DevelopmentYour group is required to develop a script in which the central character in your scenario applies the Giving Voice to Values framework in response to the values conflict or ethical dilemma identified in your scenario- Your script should include evidence that you have addressed the following questions: • What is the ethical dilemma/values conflict presented in your scenario????• Who are the stakeholders and what is at stake for the key parties -including those who disagree with you-????• What are the reasons and rationalizations your scenario's central character needs to address or overcome to achieve a more ethical outcome????• Which of the GVV Levers could the central character use to counter the reasons and rationalisations, to influence those with whom he/she disagrees???? • What is the central character's most powerful and persuasive response to the reasons and rationalizations you need to address???? To whom should the arguments be made???? When and in what context???? SCRIPT - -1000 WORDS- 3- Script Presentation to Class Your group then needs to present this script to the class as a group role play- The presentation of the script should be clear and enable the audience to engage with the issues- All group members must be meaningfully included- Creativity and expression is encouraged- Groups are then required to nominate one group member to upload both the group's Scenario and Script as a Word doc via the relevant Turnitin submission links on the course Moodle page- Please ensure that the names and student I-D- numbers of each group member is listed on the submission- Note: Only part B needed Attachment:- Business, Society and the Planet-rar

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