Construction of a residential house given the details

Assignment Detail:- 49002 Managing Projects - University of Technology Sydney Project Management Proposal Report PartYour task is to prepare a detailed project management proposal -bid- for the construction of a residential house given the details described in the Part Information & Specifications and the drawings provided below -Pages 6 - 9-- As a group, you will work in teams of from two -2- to six -6- students to develop the following deliverables:a- Final Report -detailed project management proposal report/bid--b- Six Interim Deliverables The deliverables are: Stakeholder Management StrategyThe Stakeholder Management Strategy should include a Stakeholder Register, Stakeholder Prioritisation Grid showing +ve and -ve influences and a Stakeholder Communication Plan- Scope Statement and WBSThe scope statement should include but is not limited to the following: Project Objectives, goals, needs, Assumptions, Deliverables, Milestones, limits, exclusions etc-The work breakdown structure deliverable should include a hierarchical diagram representing the activities needed to complete the project and a WBS dictionary- Network DiagramThis deliverable should include a table listing the activities of the project -generated from the WBS deliverable-, the predecessor-s- of each activity and the duration of each activity- The deliverable should also include a Precedence diagram showing the critical path as well as a Gantt chart of the activities- Risk Register and Risk Treatment PlanIn this deliverable the group should prepare a risk register and a risk treatment plan- The scales and severity matrix to be used for determining the severity of each risk will be provided in the class slides of the risk lecture- Histograms of one human & one non-human resourcePrepare a list of the resources needed to complete the project both human and non-human resources- Choose one type of human resources and one type of non-human resources and prepare a resource histogram for it- Level the resource usage for the resources that you choose- Cost of projectPrepare a detailed breakdown of the project cost, cumulative cost curve -S-curve of the project-- For your project estimates, you may use the Rawlinsons Construction Handbook, Rawlinsons Construction Cost Guide Handbook, the Cordell Building Cost Guide, and/or other appropriate brand prices as mentioned in the attached specifications- Your reference must be cited in a table -see partial example below- as well as detailed in a reference list- Note: the Rawlinsons and Cordell handbooks are available as physical books in the UTS library- Rawlinsons may be available as an e-book from the UTS library- ReportYou are expected to base your report on the template provided- Many organisations provide templates for use, for example for tender documents- It makes comparison -or in this case marking- of reports easier- The final report should include, but is not limited to, the following details:• Stakeholder Management Plan, Communication Plan, Scope statement, WBS, program of works, activity network diagrams, critical path-s-, durations estimates, risk register etc- Detailed financial estimates for the construction of the house, including -material labour, equipment-, in addition to cumulative cost curves, management and administrative effort and costs, overheads and expected profit etc-• Project reports generated from typical project management electronic tools -e-g-, Microsoft Project, OmniPlan, Merlin, Primavera, etc-- must be included in the report- Hand drawn graphs and diagrams are not acceptable for the final report- Presentation Everyone in your group should present a short -up to 4 minute- presentation - either as a powerpoint presentation -or similar- with an associated voiceover or as a video presentation- This will be submitted via CANVAS- The length of the full group presentation should not exceed 15 minutes maximum- The marks are individually awarded; therefore, it is important that you can be accurately identified- Please make sure you state your name, student ID, group and section number when you start presenting- Assume that your group have been awarded the contract and are presenting the report as a plan to the owners- The group will need to decide who is presenting each section of the report- The total presentation will include a beginning and a conclusion section, together with the 6 areas covered in the weekly deliverables- Please note that: • A mark of zero will be awarded to student-s- who cannot be clearly identified -Student name and ID, Group Number, order of section of report presented--• Student facts and figures will be checked against the group report-• You are not presenting a sales pitch-• It is preferable that the style of the report is consistent between group members - for example slide background, format, dress code etc- • You may present one complete video for the group or each group member may produce their own video- Each student should submit the video a maximum of once, preferably in PPTX or MP4 video- Attachment:- Managing Projects-rar

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