Configure networking devices for a given business case

Assignment Detail:- BE202 Local and Wide Area Network Technologies Assessment - Network design with configuration Purpose: Main purpose of this assignment is to enable student to configure networking devices for a given business case study and understand limitations of a network design- After successful completion of this assignment, students should be able to:a- Describe LAN and WAN network technologies, topologies and implementations;b- Configure, test and troubleshoot various network devices such as routers and switches;c- Configure and test different WAN protocols, such as HDLC, PPP, DHCP, NAT and PAT in a network environment;d- Devise LAN and WAN design and test network implementations;e- Identify and compare IPv4 and IPv6 in WAN networks;f- Discuss the requirements of hierarchical network models for campus and other similar applications;g- Utilize a systematic approach to solve various network problems Case study: Same as assignment 1- St- Kilda Clinic is a Healthcare provider with 800-bed hospital in Melbourne and seven outpatient centers throughout Sydney- There are 11,300 total employees, 600 employed physicians- The management of the clinic is facing challenges to reliably deliver voice service, electronic medical records, and imaging applications- It needs to improve uptime for healthcare providers who need mission-critical network access and build strong unified foundation for burgeoning wired and wireless traffic and next-generation diagnostic tools- The IT department is suggesting few devices such as Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series switches on each hospital floor- Built-in Cisco StackPower and Cisco StackWise-480 technologies provide power redundancy and operation resiliency for each stack- Granular Catalyst 3850 QoS capabilities identify and prioritize traffic by application and user to ensure highest performance for critical applications- St- Kilda clinic is expecting better application performance with the potential to improve diagnostic abilities, improved network uptime aids a busy hospital staff working 24 hours a day and advanced intelligent switching capabilities serve current and future needs- Description - Student should include commands used to configure network devices and analysis the current network configurations as per requirements given below- Student will demonstrate their designed network during Week 11 laboratory class- You must discuss step by step process to build the network for the case study from your assignment 1- Part 1: Teamwork Report and Introduction - Provide the network topology diagram for the project- You need to explain how the intranet is divided, such as how branches and departments are interconnected with reasoning-- Justify how you would manage to split staff and studentnetworks-- Support your answer by the demonstration of building the topology diagram using Cisco Packet Tracer- Part 2: Design and Configuration - Design a networking-addressing scheme all networks- Use a table and state clearly all subnetwork addresses used for the project, the address range of hosts of each subnet, the direct broadcast address for each subnet- Design and configuration with the following contents- • Design a detailed Network in packet tracer whichincludes:- Minimum of 4 switches- Minimum of 3 routers- 4 PCs a- Switch configuration:- set hostname as Student 1 name- set system clock to May 2022 10:00 am- display the name of the interfaces- Set IP addresses on PC andswitch- Create VLAN- Ping each other- Set VTP domain with your first name- Set VTP password with your family name- Demonstrate VTP packets b- Router configuration- set hostname as Student 2 name- set system clock to May 2022 1:00 pm- display the name of the interfaces- set descriptions on interfaces, one with your student ID, second and third with other group members student ID- display information about directly connected devices to router- Setup IP addresses for eachinterface- What is the subnet mask did you use????- Ping all 3 routers- Part 3: Hardware and Software Requirements - Identify the requirement for the hardware, such as routers, switches, transmission media, PCs, etc- You need to provide name, cost and manufacturer of each device media used in the network-- Justify software applications installed on each part and entire intranet; thus, it can accommodate all the requirement of the project- Part 4: Analysis of the current network: - Analyse the current network configurations and suggest two application scenarios -other than your case study- where you can implement your current network design- Provide justifications for each of your suggested scenario- Part 5: Conclusion - Sum up your report, which provide short concluding comments that remind the reader about the main purposes and the most important aspects of your project- Part 6: References- Follow IEEE format Attachment:- Local and Wide Area Network Technologies-rar

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