Conduct research in response to current business issues

Assignment Detail:- MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems - Laureate International Universities Case Study Learning Outcome 1: Apply business and IS knowledge and concepts to develop verifiable solutions and recommendations to address and support strategic goals of a business or an organisation- Learning Outcome 2: Develop and communicate a collaborative strategy which embodies the principles of agile methodology to stakeholders of an organisation- Part Summary In groups of no more than three -3- you are to act as consultants hired by the company the case study is based on, to create an information system for your client- Part A: In response to the case study provided, your group will produce a report explaining the information system plan you develop for your client- The report should be no more than 3000 words- Part B: Your group will present your ideas to the class -face-to-face students- or submit a video presentation -online students-- Context The development of your professional skills includes researching information systems to assist with organisational issues that are encountered in contemporary business- You will be learning important ‘agile' skills to assist in the workplace, such as scrum meetings- Purpose: To conduct research in response to current business issues that your organisation will present- This project will require you to respond to a specific business issue that is presented to you and then design, collect, analyse, interpret, report and present data back to the business via your report- The case study is a real business- Part Instructions • Form groups of no more than 3 members- Part A Group report 1- Fibre Fashion - Case StudyTo complete this assessment task you are required to design an information system for Fibre Fashion to assist with their business- You have discussed Porter's Value Chain in class and you should understand the Primary and support activities within businesses- For this assessment you need to concentrate on Marketing and Sales only- 2- Watch the case study video about Fibre Fashion -link below-- This video will allow you to understand the business and where you, as consultants, can add value by improving their information systems in marketing and sales- 3- Fibre Fashion can also be found online and on Instagram 4- For further details about current information systems of Fibre Fashion, please see the Assessment 2 Database document and the OneBrands Fibre Sales Figures Contacts spreadsheet in the Assessment 2 area of Blackboard- 5- Based on the information provided as well as your own research -reading!- into information systems for SMEs -small to medium enterprise-, write a report for Fibre Fashion to assist with their marketing and sales- Structure of the report Please structure the group report as follows:• Title page• Introduction• Background to the issue you plan to solve -e-g- the excel spreadsheet is inefficient-- Identify a research question• Research the issue and present a literature review• Analysis of the literature including other examples• Recommended Solution - explain the information system and how it will assist the business- You may use visuals to represent your ideas• Conclusion• References -quality and correct method of presentation- You must have a minimum of 15 references• Appendices should include: ‘scrum' meeting minutes PART B Presentation Your group is required to present your final idea for the business in a ten -10- minute presentation pitched as though your lecturer is the client and you are selling the idea of your information system- Every group member must present a minimum of 2-5 minutes with an overall maximum of six slides -plus a reference list-- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Foundations of Information Systems-rar

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