Conduct regular meetings with team members to discuss their

Assignment Detail:- Performance Appraisal Policy and Procedures Policy StatementGrow Management Consultants is committed to recruiting and supporting quality staff- It is also committed to ensuring that staff understand their job role and their own performance objectives-Principles• Performance appraisal will always be made on merit, to avoid discrimination and unfairness-• All staff will be provided with information so that they understand these procedures and follow them to ensure the fair conduct of the performance appraisal process-• Staff have the right to understand their performance expectations and the responsibilities are assigned to them-• Every employee has a right to ask for the feedback on their performance at any time-ScopeThis policy and proceduresensures that there is a process in place to discuss, plan and review the performance of Grow Management Consultants' staff- The scope of performance appraisal is applicable to each and every staff member- The company provides all staff with the right to an objective performance review- The performance management policy is applicable to all permanent employees of the company-Responsibilities Individual employees:• Completion and submission of self-evaluation comparing their achievement and work progress against key performance indicators• Attend appraisal meetings as required• Complete learning as agreed to at the last annual appraisal• Must document learning opportunities completed throughout the year- Line Managers:• Conduct regular meetings with team members to discuss their performance and development-• Provide feedback on team members' performance, achievement, and progress throughout the year-• Promote the importance of personal health and well-being of the team members• Follow fair performance appraisal processes and provide feedback to the team members-• Maintain a record of yearly performance appraisal data- ProceduresThe performance appraisal is centred around the employee's specific job skills-The following are important points considered for performance appraisal:• Job skills• Teamwork• Contribution to the organisation• Results of given tasks• Specific achievements• Social skills- Scheduled of Performance AppraisalThe company will organise the performance appraisal once every year- The month of December is considered to be appraisal month- The specific date of submission of the self-evaluation and team evaluation form will be informed by line managers-

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