Conduct holistic clinical health assessment - Demonstrate

Assignment Detail:- Simulation Based Assessment Part 1: You are required to admit Mrs Natalia Carfi to your ward for further evaluation of her unexplained dizziness- The registered nurse asked you to perform the following activities as part of the admission process: • Gather sufficient health history• Conduct holistic clinical health assessment including:o Height and weighto Body mass indexo Level of consciousnesso Sensory perceptiono Temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen saturation -TPR, BP, SpO2-o Blood glucose monitoringo Integumentary assessment including skin colour, integrity and turgoro Urinalysiso Neurological observations including level of consciousness, reflexes and pupil reactiono Neurovascular observations and assessment of peripheral circulation• Use appropriate equipment for health assessment and data collection-• Demonstrate appropriate communication strategies relevant to the situation-• Use the nursing admission template and clinical forms provided in the client folder in the simulated nursing environment for related documentation-• You should demonstrate the admission procedure on a manikin in the simulated nursing environment-

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