Conduct a SWOT analysis for your organisation. Include two

Assignment Detail:- Knowledge Activity -Q & A-Objective: To provide you with an opportunity to show you have the required knowledge for this unit- The answers to the following questions will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of:• Political, economic, social and technological factors• Competitors• Stakeholders• Organisational business and strategic plans• SWOT analysis -strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats-• Legal and ethical considerations relating to communication:o privacy, confidentiality and disclosureo discriminationo duty of careo mandatory reportingo informed consent• Organisation communication channels, including:o special communication needs of personnelo organisation processes and hierarchyo official communication channelso existing organisation protocols and etiquette for communicationo possible communication barriers, restraints, difficulties• A range of different communication strategies and plans including crisis communication plans• Financial implications including budgeting and return on investment• Mentoring and coaching principles and practices• Traditional media• Digital media including types, etiquette and marketing• Evaluation processes- Answer each question in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements for each one- 1- What does ‘PEST' stands for???? List three political factors- 2- List three types of information you should keep secret from your competitors- 3- What is a ‘stakeholder'???? List three examples of stakeholders- 4- Explain what is meant by a ‘SMART' strategy- 5- Conduct a SWOT analysis for your organisation- Include two strengths, two weaknesses, two opportunities and two threats- 6- List five ways that privacy laws govern organisational policy- 7- List three types of official communication channels- 8- List three communication barriers- 9- What is the purpose of a crisis communication plan and why are they important???? 10- What does ‘ROI' mean and how would you work it out???? 11- What is ‘mentoring'???? 12- List three forms of traditional media- 13- List three forms of digital media- 14- Why are evaluations useful???? 15- Identify legislation, codes of practice, policies, etc- that guide how a worker takes into consideration the following aspects of communication-Include a short description of how legislation, codes of practice, policies, etc- guide the given aspects of communication- 16- Identify two -2- channels of communication that would be appropriate for addressing each of the following concerns in the workplace-  

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