Conduct a small research project aiming to answer a

Assignment Detail:- Part HD - Do Something Awesome Part requirements Submit the following files to OnTrack: - A document outlining what you have done that demonstrates excellent achievement of the unit learning outcomes- This should contain a link to related material-- The document should also include your reflections on this task- See details below- Part Instructions This is a High Distinction task- There are no shortcuts- There is no easy way to do this- It is not a box ticking exercise- But---You can do anything you want in order to demonstrate your excellent achievement of the unit learning outcomes-Here are two examples, each could be awesome if done right- See the examples below- - Choose a topic in SIT111 and prepare your own learning topic ‘Where to go next' style, going beyond what we had discussed in the unit- This should be a resource that can act as a reference to others who want to further investigate this topic- Hence you need to explain and synthesize the main concepts, relate them to each-other and how they are linked to what was discussed in SIT111- - Conduct a small research project aiming to answer a question related to a topic in SIT111- Create a plan to outline the question and method for your research project- The research question is the question you aim to investigate in the project- The research method describes how you will approach answering the question- Carry out the research and write up your findings, demonstrating your ability to analyse the information, and how they are linked to what was discussed in SIT111- Reflections: At the end of the task you need to reflect on the experiences & the challenges you've had, and your own development that occurred as a result of this task- What new insights did you uncover through the course of this task???? How did it change or develop your understanding or skills????When you reflect on this, try to relate to the Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes:GLO1 Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilitiesGLO2 CommunicationGLO3 Digital literacyGLO4 Critical thinkingGLO5 Problem solvingGLO6 Self-managementGLO7 TeamworkGLO8 Global citizenship  

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