Conceptual understanding of procedural and object-oriented

Assignment Detail:- ICT103 Systems Analysis and Design - King's Own Institute Parts: Question 1- Write 150 words answers to the conceptual understanding of procedural and object-oriented programming and compare them- Question 2- Write program -code- for the following scenario: ABC Mall is a retail company selling various items- They need to calculate the commission for their staff based on the rates below Less than $1,000 2-5% $1,000 - 4,999 5%   $5,000 - 9,999 7-5%   $10,000 - 14,999 10% $15,000 or more 12-5% The company also allow their staff to ask for advance payment- Write a program for the following:- Ask the staff to enter monthly sales- Ask the staff to enter the amount of advanced pay- Use monthly sales to calculate the commission-- Calculate the staff pay by subtracting the advanced pay from the total commission-- If the amount is negative, inform the staff they cannot ask for that much advance pay- Question 3- Write program -code- for the following scenario: Write a program that prints checks username and password- First asks the user to register a username and password-- Save these in two String variables-- Now ask the user to enter the username, check if it matches the original entered username -ignore case-, otherwise ask to enter again- Ask the user to enter password -make sure to check the case also-, otherwise ask to enter again- At the end just confirm to the user that they entered the correct username and password- Question 4- DebuggingSee the program below, which has syntax and/or logic errors- In each case, determine the problem and fix the errors- Program: public class Averager{public static void main-String-- Args-{Scanner keyboard = new scanner-System-in-; System-out-println-"Enter a list of nonnegative scores--; System-out-println-"Mark the end with a negative number-"- System-out-println-"I will compute their average-"-; double next, sum; int count = 0; next =input-nextDouble- -; while-next >= 0-{sum = sum + next; count+;next = keyboard-nextDouble- -;} if -count == 0-System-out-println-"No scores entered-"-; else{double average = sum/count; system-out-println-count + " scores read-"-; System-out-println-"The average is " + average-;}}} Attachment:- Systems Analysis and Design-rar

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