Compute the ore reserve and total profit of the project and

Assignment Detail:- Question: This question is developed from Deposit 3 of Assignment 1- A massive porphyry style deposit located at high altitude in West Papua- Average grade of the deposit is 0-5 g/t Au and 0-8% Cu- The deposit has a UCS of 200MPa and is highly fractured; country rock is similar in nature- The deposit has a large footprint area 500m by 500m and is located from 300m to 900m from ground surface- Assume ore recovery of 95% and dilution 10% during production operation- Please do thefollowings in not more than three A4 pages -provide citation and references-: -1- VCR and sublevel stopping are suitable underground mining methods for this deposit among the ones you offered, do market investigation of commodity prices and mining cost- -2- Compute the ore reserve and total profit of the project- -3- Estimate the Life of Mine; and -4- Assuming the deposit is a green field, briefly outline a short-, medium- and long-term plan of the project -including mine development, mining operation and mine closure--

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