Completed the Excitable cells - Use the Proforma provided

Assignment Detail:- ASSIGNMENT - LABORATORY REPORT In the Week 6 practical you completed the Excitable cells -Introduction to EMG- experiment and the data from your group is used in this assessment worth 25% of your final mark in BIOL123- - Your report should be 4 pages -no need for the abstract-, excluding references and any graphs of data-- The style recommendation -Arial, font size 12, single spaced- is important - see the rubric in the AT2 resources folder above-- Use the Proforma provided in the AT2 resources folder to prepare the report-- There is no mark for abstract in the marking rubric; but you were expected to get feedback on your abstract and get it signed off in the lab- The abstract with the right conclusion should guide your final report-- Finally - if you are uncertain that you have covered all the required tasks needed for your practical report - use the marking rubric -appendix 1- attached to the unit outline and added to the AT2 folder as a checklist to ensure you have not missed anything before submission- - Remember to save your file in WORD or -PDF format with the file name ending in your first name-surname -e-g- AT2_Santha-James if I am submitting this task--- Your completed practical report is due via electronic submission to Turnitin on LEO at least 3 days before the due date to get a similarity report-- Make sure that you do not plagiarise during the report presentation and the similarity report from Turnitin is low by using the headings from the proforma- Attachment:- TP EMG-rar

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