Complete at least two routine legal documents and records

Assignment Detail:- CPCCBC5007B Administer the legal obligations of a building PartAnswer the activity in as much detail as possible, considering organisational requirements for an organisation of your choice- 1- Complete at least two routine legal documents and records that organisation of your choice uses regularly- Ensure they are completed as fully and accurately as possible- 2- Research for using official website or communicate with at least one relevant government agency andseek information relevant to organisation's construction projects- You should:• Ask at least three questions to identify and confirm your organisation's requirements• Share at least one piece of relevant information about your organisation• Listen carefully to information and ask questions to clarify understanding 3- Read at last two of the following, and summarise your organisation's responsibilities under each of them:• Contracts and regulations• Industrial awards• Relevant legislation 4- Provide the information from the previous question verbally to a group of relevant employees -these can be your fellow learners / assessor-- You should:• Communicate clearly and concisely• Use and interpret non-verbal communication• Use language and concepts appropriate to cultural differences 5- For at least three legal obligations, awards or agreements in organisation of your choice, manage your organisation's compliance with them- Demonstrate management skills to effectively manage personnel- 6- Complete one workplace document or activity that involves numeracy skills- Complete all required measurements and calculations and have assessor check their accuracy-

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