Complete a coaching plan and run a coaching session at the

Assignment Detail:- BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan Assessment Part: Role Play Assessment Requirement 1- Examine the scenario and supporting documents provided- 2- Part A - Arrange a time with your assessor to role-play coaching session- 3- Using performance data provided, monitor performance of individual- 4- Plan and conduct coaching session for individual employee- In your session, ensure you address performance, use of resources and safety- Ensure you conduct coaching in the context of the organisation's performance management system- Follow the performance management process outlined in policies and procedures with regard to:a- performance plansb- record-keeping -performance management plan-- 5- Part B - Using the data provided, monitor warehouse performance and performance systems- Analyse financial data to monitor financial performance- 6- Using the results of your monitoring activities in step 5, develop 2-3 recommendations for improvement of operational plan or implementation of plan- Include:a- reference to performance of management systemsb- reference to financial/ budgetary performance-Note: Due to limited information available in simulated business scenario, recommendations may be provisional and depend on further investigation- For example, ‘COGS is outside of target range- Possible reasons for this issue are---possible courses of action to remedy the performance issue are---because---' 7- Submit all documents required in the deliverables to your assessor- Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records- Instructions for assessor and studentThe student will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to monitor operational performance-In response to the scenario provided, the candidate will implement a performance management system to monitor and manage the performance of an employee, including planning and role-playing a coaching session- The candidate will then monitor performance of systems and processes, including budgetary control- Finally, the candidate will prepare recommendations on the implementation of the operational plan, including recommendations for improvement- Coaching role-play• You are highly motivated in the areas of quality and completion times-• You don't understand the performance management process and are not comfortable in that area- You'd love to take a management course-• You believe the only important thing is meeting distribution targets -at any cost--• You have no idea how your job has anything to do with head office plans for the whole business-• You don't think managerial -input- KPIs are as important as output KPIs and so you concentrate on stressing outcomes with your team-• You don't think formally addressing safety and training is important- You're not a babysitter- You have high expectations of yourself and you just expect everyone else to take measures to do things competently- Planning the assessment• Recommend date for assessment: After Session 3-• Time required for assessment: 1-2 hours-• The candidate must:???? role-play coaching session???? submit coaching plan???? submit performance management plan???? submit 2-3 recommendations on implementation of operational plan -as part of management report--• Ensure you arrange a time to meet with candidate to role-play coaching session- Scenario: StorPlus Pty LtdStorPlus consists of three large supermarket distribution warehouses, which supply over 50 small to medium sized independent supermarkets and convenience stores throughout southeast Queensland-StorPlus warehouses trade 7 days from 5 am to 5 pm- Each warehouse comprises a customer car park, delivery dock, dispatch dock, warehouse dry goods area, frozen goods area, five checkouts and an office complex and staff room- The business wholesales supermarket lines including dry food products, chemical cleaners, refrigerated foods, fresh and frozen produce, cigarettes, alcohol, etc-The business uses a computerised resource management, distribution and point-of-sale system to monitor and control stock levels at each of three warehouses -Brisbane, Gold Coast and Caboolture-- The main warehouse in Brisbane has an attached office space that accommodates senior management and head office administration staff-Each warehouse employs approximately 20-30 people- Typically, the workforce of each warehouse comprises the following:• one warehouse business manager• picking and packing team, including manual loaders and unloaders, forklift drivers, etc-• distribution team, including drivers• checkout team-Each team has one team leader- Payroll and accounting functions are managed at the Brisbane head office- Part AIt is the middle of the 2016/2017financial year, January 1- You are the warehouse business manager for the Caboolture warehouse- In order to implement operational plans, you will need to monitor the performance of team members with respect to those plans-No performance reviews have been undertaken so far this financial year; therefore it is time to implement the six month review process as per the organisation's performance management process- You will need to:• complete a coaching plan and run a coaching session at the earliest possible time• complete a performance management plan to be sent to head office- Part BIt is the middle of the 2016/2017financial year, January 1- You will need to examine the performance of the warehouse with respect to operational/strategic plans in order to provide 2-3 recommendations- These recommendations will form part of the report the operations general manager will present to the CEO- Examine your own scorecard for the Caboolture warehouse performance as a whole: The business is particularly concerned about the cost of stock and wage expense affecting profitability-You are required to develop 2-3 recommendations for the operations general manager to include in their report- Because, there may be a number of possible explanations for the performance data, your recommendations may be provisional and depend on gathering further information-

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