Competitive Advantage Analytics Report - A brief summary of

Assignment Detail:- DATA4700 Digital Marketing and Competitive Advantage - Kaplan Business School Competitive Advantage Analytics Report Your Part- You have been engaged as a consultant to advise Serious Comedy, a company that manages live comedy and performance tours around the world- Serious Comedy are looking for your advice on how to enhance their digital marketing approaches, and what else they can implement to secure a competitive advantage in the entertainment sector-- The first steps in your consulting services to Serious Comedy is to read the following open letter from the company's founder, Carrie Hardie, and to visit the Serious Comedy website:o An open letter: o Serious Comedy website:- Serious Comedy have been severely affected by COVID-19 measures to live events and gatherings and are looking to you to provide expertise on how they position themselves for success in the future- - Analysis of a live case study- Based on the case study, make recommendations on customer segmentation, targeting and product positioning; using the marketing mix to engage with the target segment; pricing tactics; marketing costs; customer relationship management and acquisition; and A/B testing and multivariate testing to pursue- Assessment Instructions Your report should have the following headings and address the topics below: 1- Introduction: A brief summary of the situation in the case study and what you, as a consultant, have been tasked with doing for your client 2- Data: An indication of: - What data you already have available in this case- What further data you would like to receive from the client- What additional data you will have to collect for your consulting work 3- STP: Your recommendations on: - How to approach segmenting the market- Which segment you wish to target- How to position Serious Comedy for that target segment 4- Marketing mix: After you have positioned Serious Comedy, indicate: - What the product should be -e-g-, should it remain as is, or do you have suggestions on how to change it to pursue a stronger competitive advantage????-- How you will promote the product to the market -e-g-, using your digital assets-- The place that customers should access the product -e-g-, digital channels of distribution-- Pricing strategy for the product -e-g-, tactics to use; understanding value to the customer- 5- Marketing costs: What fixed, variable and marginal costs are most relevant to this case study???? 6- Customer relationships: Your recommendations on: - What Serious Comedy should do with customer relationship management- What Serious Comedy can do to acquire new customers 7- A/B testing and Multivariate testing: State what A/B testing and multivariate testing you would like to conduct, and why 8- Conclusion: Summarise the most important recommendations you are proposing that Serious Comedy should address first, and what metrics Serious Comedy should look at to understand whether your advice has produced beneficial outcomes 9- Statement of Intent: You will write a short statement of intent which addresses: -1- who your target audience is for the report and -2- what techniques have you used to connect with that audience and improve the readability of your report for that audience- Attachment:- Competitive Advantage Analytics Report-rar Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 22789 reviews.

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