Compare and review communication protocol stacks and

Assignment Detail:- MIS102 Data and Networking - Laureate International Universities Learning Outcome 1: Describe and analyse the architecture and distribution of data- Learning Outcome 2: Compare and review communication protocol stacks and generate recommendations- Part SummaryBased on the case scenario provided, write a 1200 words essay and create a supporting network topology diagram showing the architecture and distribution of data- This written essay should include comparisons of existing network topologies and provide recommendations based on the communication protocol stacks used- ContextThis assessment gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge and theories you've learnt in Module 1: Basics of Data and Networking and in Module 2: IP Protocols and Network Administration- In doing so, you are required to analyse the case scenario and provide reviews and recommendations of the communication protocol stacks- Part Instructions Question 1- Please read the case scenario below:Xerlasian University Australia is planning to expand and set up a second campus in Australia- In doing so, they would like to get your input and advice as a data and networking specialist in developing the new university network- The university would like to connect the users of the new university network to the Internet using a router- However, the data should first go through the university proxy server for copyright reasons- The university would also like to have separate hubs for the class computers and the university staff computers- To gain access to the computers, users must enter their Xerlasian ID and the password into a custom-made application showing the Xerlasian University logo- Different access rights needs to be given to students and staff members- Students should only have access to student software and should not be allowed to install software in computers- However, the staff members need to be given all the access rights of a student as well as access to software licenses specific to staff only, such as a PDF editing software-The student e-mail server should also be different from the staff e-mail server- Question 2- Review the learning resources provided in Modules 1 & 2- Question 3- Write a 1200 word essay and develop a network topology diagram to; -1- describe and analyse the data distribution and architecture based on the case scenario and -2- review the existing network topology and provide recommendations based on your knowledge of the communication protocol stacks such as the appropriate network devices- Question 4- Please ensure that your written essay answers the following guide questions:• Describe and analyse the data distribution and architecture of the university network based on the case scenario-o Comment on the basic flow of data and the network architecture requested by the university- You need to be able to use the terms mentioned in Module 1 and Module 2 essential resources proficiently-o Are there any missing features in the network topology diagram that you think could be added or modified in order to create a better Xerlasian university network for the new campus????• Review the existing network topology and provide recommendations based on your knowledge of the communication protocol stacks-o Relate the flow of data to the communication protocol stacks- Make sure that all the relevant communication protocol stacks and how they operate are mentioned in your essay-o Are you able to specify the layer where the hubs and routers mainly function???? For the log-in application, can you identify what communication protocol stack the log- in application operates and why????o Is there anything else that you wish to improve in any of the communication protocol stacks???? Please provide recommendations for at least two communication protocol stacks- Recommendations needs be well supported and clearly justified- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research-

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