Compare and contrast two theoretical practice frameworks

Assignment Detail:- MSWPG7201 Contemporary Social Work Theories and Practice - Federation University Australia Write an essay on ONE of the following topics: As a social worker when working with experiences of family violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities, "it is imperative to locate the current violence within the context of the historical and traumatic experiences endured by Aboriginal people as a result of unjust and oppressive state policies and practices-" -Menzies & McNamara, p- 38-Discuss When working with experiences of family violence, "It is imperative for human service professionals to remain aware of the complex intersections between poverty and violence in order to avoid the imposition of yet another layer of abuse - ‘institutional abuse' - on people who are at some point in the process of escaping violence-" -Hart, 2008, p- 36- Discuss In addressing the essay topic you need to demonstrate understanding of family violence and relationships between interpersonal and structural violence- You need to compare and contrast two theoretical practice frameworks and how they can be used in a psychosocial assessment and intervention in a case involving family violence and abuse- Choose one of the following theoretical practice frameworks Trauma informed practice Attachment theory ANDChoose one of the following theoretical practice frameworks Feminist perspectives Decolonising practices Compare and contrast how each of your chosen frameworks can be applied in response to the above statement, identifying limitations and strengths of each You are required to write an academic essay on the topic listed above- Your essay should follow an essay structure and should flow in a clear and logical manner- You should write the essay in your own words and ensure that you acknowledge any direct quotations appropriately- You need to support your response with appropriate evidence from academic sources -minimum of 8- and ensure that you reference these sources appropriately in APA format- You should ensure that you meet the word length limit and proofread your work carefully- You should also ensure that you follow the Fed Uni Guide to Lay-out and Appearance to format and present your essay- Attachment:- Contemporary Social Work Theories and Practice-rar

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