Communicating expectations and outcomes, strategies to

Assignment Detail:- BSBSTR601 Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement Topic 1: Working within a team This topic explores ways of working within a team including communicating expectations and outcomes, strategies to monitor and evaluate performance, identifying opportunities for improvement and communicating with the team on ways to innovate and improve-Continuous improvement and innovationContinuous improvement is an ongoing effort within an organisation to improve its products and/or services, as well as systems and processes-A successful company will generally not be happy with the status quo and will always seek to continuously improve- This in turn is likely to mean the company's performance will improve, along with profitability-Innovation on the other hand is about creating and implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products or improving existing services- Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of a business and can help the business to adapt and grow in the marketplace-The words continuous improvement and innovation are sometimes used interchangeably- The following article provides a useful insight into the differences- Activity: Read and discuss A continuous improvement system encompasses the following:• People and culture• Process improvement• Key performance indicators• Goals and objectives• Learning and development• Innovation and creativity• Technology-  The continuous improvement systems and processes that can be used in an organisation include:• Continuous improvement register, where all issues identified and changes made are recorded-• Feedback form: this could be used to collect feedback from both staff and customers- The feedback can be analysed and then changes shown on the continuous improvement register-• Pareto chart: used to identify the cause of a problem which occurs most often and to rank from most common to least common-• Continuous improvement plan that sets out actions to be taken into the future- Activity: Read Read more about how to use Kaizen for continuous improvement in the workplace at the following link: Take any notes to summarise what you have read and keep for future reference- Activity: Watch Watch this short, amusing video about Lean, Kaizen and continuous improvement- Take down any key takeaways-Your trainer/assessor will facilitate a discussion after you have watched the video- Six SigmaWatch thisvideo about Six Sigma- Take down any key takeaways-Your trainer/assessor will facilitate a discussion after you have watched the video- Mentoring and coachingActivity: ReadRead more on Peter Senge principles of learning:Take any notes to summarise what you have read and keep for future reference- Creativity and innovation theories and conceptsWhen you work with teams to build a better and more effective work environment, creative thinking can help to develop ideas, gain feedback, create open communication and build upon developing an innovative workplace-Collaboration fosters innovation! You can do this by creating an environment for:• regular brainstorming sessions• seeking feedback, ideas and thoughts of team members• cultivating a can-do attitude to motivate employees• using technology such as collaboration software or video conferencing• allowing new ways of working such as huddle room spaces for quiet and collaborative use of space• creating natural meeting experiences and removing technological barriers Activity: ReadRead about Edward de Bono's six thinking hats: Some good ideas for fostering creativity can be found on this website: Activity: WatchLearn how to use mind mapping-Take down any key takeaways-

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