Communicate and foster realistic expectations of the role

Assignment Detail:- ITECH 7406 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Assessment Part 1: OverviewFor this assessment task, you will need to form for a team of up to 5 members to conduct data analytics over a dataset- Students need to investigate the practice, approaches and understanding of business intelligence as it is being applied in the real world to realize organizational objectives- Students are expected to show innovation and creativity in applying SAP Business Object/Predictive Analytics/any other analytical tool and designing useful visualisation for different datasets- Learning Outcomes: The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment task: Knowledge:K1- Investigate the scope and application of various technologies within a business intelligence system context-K2- Investigate the major approaches to the development of business intelligence and reporting systems-K3- Apply the theories and principles of data warehousing in diverse contexts- K4- Explain the potential benefit of data warehousing-K5- Describe the relationship between business intelligence and data warehousing-Skills:S1- Apply business intelligence techniques using an industry standard approach to explore, extract and analyse enterprise datasets- Application of knowledge and skills: A1- Communicate and foster realistic expectations of the role of technology and business intelligence systems in management and decision support- A2- Adopt problem solving and decision making strategies to communicate solutions with key stakeholders for a variety of issues relating to data warehousing and business intelligence solutions- Values: V1- Value the need to work collaboratively and autonomously on business intelligence and data warehousing problems- V2-Appreciate the strategic importance of business intelligence data- Assessment DetailsA team of students first need to select a dataset of choice, design and develop the reporting solution/BI dashboard, and through research into the literature and analytics on selected dataset provide a comprehensive report- You are welcome to find other datasets for the assignment- Please contact your tutor/lecturer to check if your dataset is appropriate first-Once you have selected your dataset, each member should select a different analysis tool or a different analysis technique to analyse the dataset and create proper visualisations- The data analytics performed by individual members should be integrated together as a team effort- The analytics conducted by a team is expected to cover at least two types of analytics out of descriptive predictive and prescriptive ones- Based on your analytics results, give relevant recommendations to the management team of the related company or organisation- The team will also design and develop a reporting solution or BI dashboard for mobile users, and justify the design of it- Assessment Part 2: Group PresentationSubject to the teaching mode in Week 10, your team may need to give an oral presentation in class or create a video presentation using Kaltura Capture -or other video presentation tools-, to report your findings in your data analytics work-In case you need to create a video presentation, each member should create an individual video using Kaltura Capture to record both your PowerPoint slides and your face- The links to the videos should be included in a Word file in the proper sequence, and submit the file to Moodle- Please refer to the instructions on Kaltura Capture -https://federation-edu-au/staff/learning-and-teaching/elearning-hub/kaltura/how-to- to get familiar with the video recording tool and make your video accessible by the marker- Assessment Part 3: Group ReportThe data analytics report should draw on the dataset to give the insights into the data through diverse data analytics and present your recommendations to the management team- The report should include a comparison and integration of the tools/solutions/visualisations used by different team members, as well as the design and development of your reporting solution or BI dashboard- Please check the marking criteria for the detailed requirements of the report-Minimum words: 3000Data analytics report must include at least 10 references in APA style together with in-text citations-The report should follow a formal report structure with cover page, table of contents, introduction, use of headings, subheadings, conclusion sand reference section-Marks would depend on the following factors:1- Depth of research to illustrate the BI application chosen2- Quality of the developed BI dashboard/reporting solution -with necessary screenshots and QR code-3- Variety of data analytics and quality of the findings4- Quality of reference provided5- Quality of report writing- Assessment Part 4: Student Self-Reflection- individual reportThis deliverable is an individual work and can be attached to your data analytics report-In this part, each student will write a one-page-long reflection report covering the following points:• Personal understanding of course content, and personal insights into the importance and value of the course topics-• Three most useful things you have learned from the course, and explain how they could help your current learning and future professional career-• Personal feeling of SAP products used in lab exercises and assignments-

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