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Assignment Detail:- COM568 Ethical Issues and Practice - Excelsia College Assessment - Decision Making Part - Students will be given a case study -below- which will form the basis of assessment 2 where they will propose comprehensive resolutions for the case study's dilemmas-- More specifically, students will prepare an ethical decision-making summary which will: -i- Briefly identify the significant legal, ethical and professional dilemmas which arise in the case study; -ii- using the steps of the EDM model -Miner-Bridges, 2006-, propose possible resolutions -at least 2- for one -1- of the identified dilemmas in the case study with reference to the relevant Australian codes of ethics and/or Australian legislative requirements pertaining to counselling practice; and -iii- discuss the benefits and the complications of each proposed solution -iv- identify how their own current moral and ethical stance and accompanying set of values, influence their decision-making process in respect to the identified dilemmas- Students utilise EDM -Miner-Bridges, 2006-; and relevant Australian Codes of Ethics including AASW, PACFA and ACA which are publicly available Codes- Students may employ section headings to organise the content of their writing- Submitted work is via Turnitin- Ethical Dilemma You are a counsellor in private practice- Your client, Henry, is a man in his twenties seeking counselling concerning personal and professional issues- In particular, he is unhappy with his relationships with a number of staff at the secondary school in which he is a teacher- He has seen you several times to discuss his enjoyment of teaching and sport coaching on the one hand, but his frustration at not being able to find a life partner or to have consistently harmonious relationships with his colleagues- You have a family, including a 13-year-old son, who plays weekly on Saturdays in a soccer team for his school- One Saturday, your son has made his own way to the game, and you arrive during the game to watch him play- Their team is losing quite badly, and you watch them approach their coach despondently at half-time- Much to your surprise, the coach turns out to be your client, Henry- You have only just seen him, and it appears that he has not seen you- More concerning is that Henry appears quite angry with the team's performance, and he singles out your son in particular for some pretty strong criticism in front of his team-mates- Your son looks particularly dejected after his coach's comments towards him- You are quite taken aback and you try not be seen at that time- Later your son finishes the game and you hurriedly take him from the game and drive him home- In the car he asks why he had to leave so quickly and what the problem is- How do you respond to him???? And do you raise this experience with Henry in your following sessions with him, and if so, how???? Assessment Criteria- Correctly identifies and concisely articulates the significant ethical and legal issues within the case study-- Appropriately assesses and proposes possible and appropriate resolutions to ethical dilemmas within guidelines provided by the EDM model-- Demonstrates clear familiarity with, and appropriate application of, the relevant Ethical Codes and Australian legislative requirements to the case study material-- Clearly and coherently identifies how their own current moral and ethical stance and accompanying set of values, influence their decision-making process and resolutions to the identified dilemmas-- A clear, coherent summary responses that uses ideas and arguments effectively, demonstrating critical thought -i-e- arguments are well developed and presented-, and evidencing comprehension and synthesis of ideas- Attachment:- Decision Making Part-rar

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